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Transforming Parking in Mönchengladbach Towards Smart City

The entrances to the parking garages will be ticketless and payment can be made without cash and mobile at the customer's request.

The multi-storey car parks in Mönchengladbach are the best example of the rapid progress in the digitalization of parking: On the platform, the city's parking subsidiary ParkenMG and the city marketing company MGMG have listed 25 parking garages from different operators.

More than half of them now work with license plate recognition: They are either free-flow systems without a barrier or ticketless in combination with license plate recognition, or existing ticket systems that have been retrofitted with cameras for license plate recognition. Long-term parkers and registered short-term parkers are already managed digitally for some customers. Many operators also admit registered customers of numerous mobility providers via mobility CONNECT from evopark.

"Since 2021, Mönchengladbach has been part of the "Smart Cities Model Projects" of the Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Building. Smart parking through a subsequent modernization of existing properties with license plate recognition also opens up new possibilities on the way to becoming a "smart city" as an uncomplicated interim solution, according to Lars Randerath, Managing Director of ParkenMG GmbH and PPG-Nordpark GmbH. "The entrances to the parking garages will be ticketless and payment can be made without cash or mobile at the customer's request. This is more convenient for drivers and more cost-efficient for the operator due to the elimination of hardware and ticket management."

The switch to license plate recognition is the optimal basis for digital parking products. The license plate becomes a control medium and an online payment option can be easily offered. If mobility providers are connected, the participating car parks appear in the corresponding apps. The navigation function and the display of free parking spaces reduce the number of people looking for a parking space. "The resulting reduction in vehicle noise and lower CO2 emissions also have a positive effect on the quality of life in the city centre or in a residential area. I think license plate recognition is a trend that will prevail in the coming years," Lars Randerath sums up.

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The family-owned company with its headquarters in Moenchengladbach, Germany was founded in 1872 and is now managed in its fifth generation. In the four divisions Fare Collection systems, Signalling Systems, Petrol Station Systems, and Parking and Leisure Centre Systems, Scheidt & Bachmann are setting worldwide standards. The Parking Systems division dominates the international car park market by nearly 22,000 installations; it is the system provider for more than 75 airports worldwide. Scheidt & Bachmann provides with its brand “entervo” integrated, modular general solutions consisting of up-to-date JAVA software and innovative equipment.


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