Electronic Parking Sticker by Schreiner PrinTrust for Thousands of Cars in Vienna: Starting Signal for the Whole City

Schreiner Printrust label

As of September 1, 2016, Vienna’s former parking permit will be replaced by Schreiner PrinTrust’s innovative electronic ((rfid))-Parking Permit, which will be sent automatically to all drivers upon prolongation of or initial application for parking permits. The pilot project started back in November 2015. Together with the responsible municipal district office Schreiner PrinTrust developed the new RFID parking permit for on-street parking. Due to new product development based on Schreiner PrinTrust’s proven ((rfid))-Windshield Label Global, the administrative effort for the city of Vienna, inspectors and drivers has been massively reduced. Thousands of cars are already equipped with the electronic parking sticker.

Just as with the “conventional” sticker before, users apply the new RFID parking permit on the inside of the windshield in the upper right-hand corner. One of its many benefits: The ((rfid))-Windshield Label is applied only once. “When the validity of the sticker is extended, the old one no longer has to be scratched off and replaced with a new one. It can remain on the windshield for years and should last as long as the vehicle’s lifetime. As a result, we’re able to process requests for extensions more efficiently and economically,” explains Irene Krasa-Oppolzer, Head of the Magistrate District Office for the 4th/5th District.

Scratching off stickers when they had to be returned, used to pose a problem. Now, all owners can use them for the permits they have been issued-even after moving to another district or selling their cars. The reason is that even multiple permits can be connected with each RFID label. Only an identification number is stored on the chip, but no personal details. “And it’s strictly this number, and no other data,” says Krasa-Oppolzer. “That’s why there are no concerns about privacy protection.” Parking inspectors are able to conveniently identify the vehicles from the outside. They check the permits using handheld RFID readers. The number is then automatically matched with a database in which only the license number, type of vehicle, scope of application and period of validity are stored. The parking permits are read in a contactless process from a distance of a few meters, which enormously reduces the inspection effort. Thanks to RFID, the checks can be performed without direct line of sight."

Kai Schnapauff, Director Strategic Marketing and Business Development at Schreiner PrinTrust, summarizes: “The pilot project with 30,000 customized labels that we adapted to the IT infrastructure of the Austrian capital was a great success. Their implementation throughout Vienna has just started and will expand to more districts during the course of the year.

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Schreiner PrinTrust is a specialist in the fields of security and authentication. We develop and distribute customized functional and security labels for authentication, anti-tampering protection and automatic identification.

System suppliers, card producers, suppliers of government solutions and security printers use our products to offer innovative security and authentication solutions to government institutions, banks, telecommunication companies, service providers and brand owners.


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