Schreiner PrinTrust Presents Labels for Automatic Vehicle Identification and Effective Parking Management

Schreiner PrinTrust Labels for Automatic Vehicle Identification and  Parking Management

Schreiner PrinTrust presents the company's high-tech label solutions for efficient vehicle management, including the advanced ((rfid))-Parking Permit as well as the ((rfid))-Windshield Label Global Secure. This new development ensures top-level security.

Schreiner PrinTrust's ((rfid))-Windshield Labels enable automated, contactless vehicle identification. They are used for access monitoring to parking garages and electronic billing of parking space as well as for other AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification) applications such as road toll payment and fleet management. With the ((rfid))-Windshield Label 868 and the ((rfid))-Windshield Label Global Schreiner PrinTrust offers two variants optimized for different frequency ranges. UHF RFID technology ensures reliable data transmission over several meters and enhances customer convenience. Irksome stopping at the barrier and pulling a ticket will no longer be necessary. Billing is done electronically.

((rfid))-Windshield Label Global Secure

The latest development, the ((rfid))-Windshield Label Global Secure from Schreiner PrinTrust, offers maximum security. The product offers dynamically encrypted communication and an authentication feature capable of identifying original labels. The label thus closes the gap in ultra-high frequencies: up to now, encrypted transmissions and security chips were only possible over short ranges with HF technology.

((rfid))-Parking Permit: effective control

This new product helps to quickly and easily identify vehicles from outside, making it an outstanding alternative to standard resident parking permits. Contactless identification is carried out with an RFID reader. It scans from a distance of several meters, which greatly reduces the monitoring effort. Data transmission via radiocommunication also works without direct visual contact, although direct visual verification of the parking ticket and its integrated security features is also possible. Two product variants are available: self-adhesive Windshield Labels or parking tickets you can remove from the vehicle. The removable version is especially practical if the same parking ticket is to be used for different vehicles.

Security labels and vignettes

The security labels used in the fields of vehicle registration and operation include transfer seals for anti-counterfeit protection of documents such as "Third License Plates" – self-adhesive seals that contain all relevant vehicle data and are used for providing tamper-proof registration evidence – and vignettes. All products can be customized in terms of format, design and application features.

About Schreiner PrinTrustSchreiner PrinTrust

Schreiner PrinTrust is a specialist in the fields of security and authentication. We develop and distribute customized functional and security labels for authentication, anti-tampering protection and automatic identification.

System suppliers, card producers, suppliers of government solutions and security printers use our products to offer innovative security and authentication solutions to government institutions, banks, telecommunication companies, service providers and brand owners.


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