Serva Transport Systems: "We do the parking for you"

Serva Transport Systems robot system RAY™

Serva Transport Systems GmbH have revolutionized parking. In their automated parking systems the patented robot system RAY™ takes over the parking of passenger cars and does it quickly, easily and safely.

It all started in an old boat shed in Upper Bavaria: In 2010 two young engineers and an architect – Rupert Koch, Leopold Meirer and Cary Bellaflor – had the idea to make parking easier by means of a robot. Instead of maneuvering laboriously with ever larger cars in narrow, winding parking garages, a kind of fork lift was used to take over. This lead to the very particular parking system of Serva Transport Systems GmbH with the motto: "We do the parking for you". This system makes parking quicker and more comfortable, it uses the given space in a better way and it is easy to install.

In autumn 2012 the innovative development of the young enterprise could prove its worth in practice for the first time in a pilot project. Only about one and a half years later automated parking has become everyday practice at the Düsseldorf Airport in June 2014. The innovative parking robot with the name RAY™ went into series production.

In 2015 a cooperation with Volkswagen AG followed which brought the idea of RAY™ to perfection: passenger cars of VW communicate directly with RAY™ during the parking process. In this way security queries which had been put at the check -in terminal so far, can be clarified in advance – via Bluetooth between car and robot.
Thus parking becomes even more comfortable for the drivers. In future VW passenger cars will have the new technology as standard equipment, additional options are conceivable, such as the communication between navigation system and parking system already when approaching the parking garage. Further cooperations and projects are planned for 2015 or are in the planning phase, such as an intermediate car store in automobile industry, a store for vintage cars or a store for towed vehicles.
How good the idea was and still is, is also shown by the fact that Serva Transports Systems have reached the finals of the renowned German Founder Award in 2013. Serva Transport Systems have been and still are supported by the Meltl family of entrepreneurs from Chiemgau.

And that's the way RAY™ works:

In the automated parking systems of Serva Transport Systems the driver hands over his/her car at a transfer station, the further parking process will be done by the robot RAY™. The highly flexible driverless transport vehicle (FTF) adapts automatically to the dimensions of the relevant car and takes it safely to its destination. As the parking robot does not need any rails, it is able to travel individual routes and manoeuver in the tightest of spaces. Parking garages can take any desired shape.

The system is appropriate for vehicle logistics companies, car manufacturers, car rentals, parking garages at airports or in cities. It saves space, is easy to install and can be used in a very flexible way. The main advantages consist in the  compact and space-efficient parking solutions which permit the parking of up to 60 percent more vehicles on the same parking area. For the principle of the Serva Transport Systems no conversions or additional installations are required. Thus
the system can be put into operation in the existing area within a few days. This simple, flexible and rapid implementation is one of the big advantages as compared to conventional automated parking systems. For the customers large transfer stations are available. With easy-to-use terminals and smartphone apps parking is comfortable and quickly done. Whether hundreds or thousands of cars: The system fulfills all requirements.

About Serva Transport Systems GmbHServa TS logo

Serva Transport Systems GmbH with their headquarters in Grabenstätt, Upper Bavaria, develop and sell automated parking systems with the patented robot system RAY™. This innovative, simple and efficient system opens up a completely new solution for transport and parking of vehicles for industry, airports, parking garage operators, car rental firms or also for urban planners. The installation of the driverless transport systems is done in Gut Sossau near Grabenstätt. The investor is the Meltl family of entrepreneurs. See and/or for more information.


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