Service Tracking Systems story of transformation from valet parking operator to solutions provider

Service Tracking Systems is celebrating its 20th year as a member of the parking industry.

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To say that this company has undergone changes during this time is an understatement: STS transformed from a valet parking operator to a technology division that develops computerized valet parking systems and is known as the inventor of today’s popular high tech valet technology solutions.

But how did Service Tracking Systems transform and evolve?

Parking Network recently spoke with cofounder Kai Schuette about the twenty years of the company, and he shared with us a spectacular story of a successful company with very humble beginnings.

Service Tracking Systems began as a valet parking operator in Michigan in the mid-80s. After ten years, 70 locations and about 200 employees, Kai thought there had to be a better way to manage valet parking than with a pen and a cigar box.  Service Tracking Systems became the first valet parking operator to use computers with barcode readers and printers. As technology advanced, so did Service Tracking Systems.

In 2002, after 18 years as an operator, they sold the service operations and decided to focus solely on technology.

We saw the potential and the word had gotten out[…] In that year, we installed the first Las Vegas system […] that was an important milestone, going to Las Vegas and getting their endorsement.” –Kai Schuette.

Before using the Service Tracking Systems valet product known as CVPS, casinos in Las Vegas were spending a lot of money on valet damage claims by customers because they had no way of knowing if these claims were true or not. Some of the casinos that adopted the CVPS valet parking system quickly reduced their cost of claims paid out by almost half a million dollar in just one year.

In 2010, STS moved to mobile solutions using iPods and iPhones. In 2012, they redesigned their application. Kai told Parking Network that after that, “it really just became a lot of technology development and keeping up with a very strong growth over the years, double digit every year, assembling the right team and creating that industry that didn’t really exist before.”

A clear advantage of Service Tracking Systems is, as Kai states, their beginning as a service operator. The company knows the valet parking industry from both the operational aspect as well as the solution provider. And this knowledge isn’t focused just in Las Vegas. Service Tracking Systems has about a thousand installations in 12 different countries.

When we asked Kai about the future of Service Tracking Systems amid the boom of technologies, his answer was confident:

 “We have no intention of falling behind. We are super excited about the unlimited possibilities of the exponential technologies […] and we look forward to helping our clients navigate that playground because they are being overwhelmed with options too. There is so much coming out these days and it’s no longer a matter of ‘can it be done’ but ‘should it be done’ and if so, how best to do it.” 

We will keep an eye out for Service Tracking Systems and the upcoming launch of STS-Q.

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Service Tracking Systems (STS) is a hospitality service technology company focused on solutions that increase productivity, reduce liabilities, track inventory and elevate the customer service experience. The company's fully integrated product line includes proprietary first-to-market applications such as today’s high-tech valet parking, bell-desk, vehicle inspection and room service management systems.

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