New loop detector functionality launched by Siemens

- Munich, Germany, EU

An enhanced version of the Siemens SLD4 loop detector family is now available from Siemens featuring sophisticated length based classification with configurable outputs which can be set to activate when specific conditions are detected, such as large vehicles exceeding a predefined speed. As well as offering standard vehicle detection the latest version of the SLD4 can also be used in specialised bus, tram and Light Rail Transport (LRT) schemes and other similar applications where excellent detection accuracy is required.

Designed  for  maximum  reliability  and  using  the  latest  inductive  loop  detection algorithms,  the  SLD4  detector  family  complements  the  company’s  full  range  of detection  options  which  includes  Selective  Vehicle  Detection  and  above-ground detection of vehicles and pedestrians.

According to Head of Product Management, Keith Manston, the enhanced SLD4 still delivers the self-tuning and fully automatic set-up features of the existing SLD4, ensuring optimum and reliable performance without interference. This represents a significant advantage over manual setting of frequency and sensitivity parameters which can often be a challenge, with failure to achieve this correctly causing detectors to ‘chatter’ or otherwise fail to operate.

SLD4 detectors are fully compliant with UK specification TR2512 and provide four separate detection channels with full solid-state outputs for maximum reliability. For challenging or special applications, a PC support tool enables many aspects of the detectors’ functions to be accessed for specific deployment scenarios. 

The detectors may also be powered from either AC or DC supplies. Low power requirements, with operation possible at voltages as low as 10V DC, makes support within battery powered equipment a viable option where needed.

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