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In the center of Pamplona, the capital of the Navarra region, is the bus station that was officially opened on November 9th 2007. The impressive building with an area of 300.000 m2 was built in the middle of a green biosphere called Vuelta del castillo („Backside of the Castle“), and is located right at the Zitadelle of Pamplona.

The building of the bus station is completely underground, which does not just benefit the environment, but also the architectural and urban setting, because a new green area comprising 35.000 m2 was created. The interior of the bus station impresses with brightness, size, air conditioning and natural light sources.
SKIDATA bus station parking Spain
For all these reasons, Pamplona Bus Station was presented with the “Best Spanish Bus Station Award” in November 2012, the seventh edition of these awards. For this award, a survey among 3.000 passengers of all of Spain’s bus stations was carried out, considering the most important aspects of bus stations, such as easy access for private vehicles.

Pamplona’s bus station does not just offer the latest technology in terms of construction, but also in terms of communications systems, which provides travelers with unique comfort,  features and service. Among all the offered services, the parking service using SKIDATA systems stands out especially.

The parking system by SKIDATA is integrated into the system for customer information as well as into the entire control system of the bus station. In addition, the parking system of busses was integrated into a management system: Entry of regular bus lines is controlled by their license plates (all license plates are saved in advance). The irregular bus lines have to enter point of origin, destination information, passengers etc. at a touch screen when accessing the parking area, and the busses are then guided to their respective parking spot. The integrated system issues a ticket with the calculated fee on the base of the entered parameters. These are directly transmitted to SKIDATA cash registers via the management system of the bus station.

SKIDATA bus station parking Spain

Special Features

  • Integration of the SKIDATA parking system into the system for customer information and the control system of the bus station
  • Integration of the bus parking system into the management system


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