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Added value of Automated Parking Systems for airports

Airports worldwide face the problem of providing a suffi cient amount of convenient parking for their customers. There is often enough space for car parking available, but the distance from the parking area to the terminals reduces the comfort, convenience and effi ciency of travelers. However, placing car parking closer to the terminals is challenging and expensive due to the limited availability of land.

Skyline APS

Automated Valet Parking for Airports

There are two types of travelers parking cars at airports. One type wants car parking at the lowest cost with no concern how far away the parking may be from the terminals. The second type prefers the comfort, convenience and efficiency provided by parking as close to terminals as possible. They want to minimize the distance they need to move themselves and their luggage and eliminate the time and inconvenience of using shuttle buses to access remote parking areas. They often prefer valet parking where it’s available. However, they may not like strangers being inside and driving their cars.
Parking near the terminalHere and there are unused pieces of land near terminals that are too small for most uses and far too small for conventional parking. Automated parking systems from Skyline Parking need only a fraction of ground area compared to conventional parking garages and can turn unusable spaces into very profi table car parking near or at the terminal. Skyline can erect convenient car parking towers (with capacities from 100 up to 2000 cars) providing a very high level of security and safety on smallest plots. Cars and their contents are protected from damage, theft and vandalism since no one drives or has access to the parking area. Drivers never have to search for parking spaces whether they are arriving or departing, and they don’t have to walk and carry their luggage through labyrinths of dark or scary parking areas.

VIP Parking at Terminals

VIP Parking at Terminals

Special and secure parking close to the terminals for passengers willing to pay a premium for such convenience is an additional lucrative service at airports. Automated parking systems make it possible and feasible to install VIP parking in more locations to satisfy passengers willing to pay for increased comfort, time saving and safety. Skyline Parking solutions are ideal for VIP parking since they fit anywhere: in places where conventional parking solutions are too large, too costly or simply impractical. Skyline can create parking garages in irregularly shaped and on very narrow plots, above or below ground, inside or under buildings and even in unique spaces such as inside spiral driving ramps of multi level parkings. Also other existing parking garages can be expanded easily, even using their existing driveways, access and payment systems.

Using the inside of spiral driving ramps for parking spaces
Using the inside of spiral driving ramps for parking spaces

About Skyline Parking AG
Skyline Parking

Skyline Parking AG designs and supplies the most space-efficient and fastest fully automated parking systems. Skyline’s systems provide high returns while being an environmentally and user-friendly answer to the growing scarcity and cost of urban space, worldwide. The broad range of products, means that Skyline Parking has a solution for virtually any location, problem and requirement.




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