Automated parking from a long-term user's point of view – an interview

City Parking in Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Interview with Peter Werthmüller, who has been a long-term user of City Parking in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, since February 2015.

>> Do you drive into the city for work purposes or do you live in Schaffhausen?

I live in the old part of Schaffhausen, directly opposite City Parking, about 20 metres away.

>> When was the first time you parked at City Parking?

It was in February 2015.

>> Why did you choose City Parking as a parking option back then?

When I was still working, I had a company flat with a parking space. After retiring, I moved into a small, centrally located flat without a parking space. As there was no comparable car park in the immediate surroundings, I got a parking space at City Parking. I can park more quickly and conveniently here than in a conventional car park.

>> Were you sceptical towards automated parking at the beginning? What were your reservations?

No, I've always been a tech-savvy person.

>> Has your attitude towards automated parking changed at all since being a long-term City Parking user? If so, why and how?

I look forward to each time I park and always get particularly excited when I manage it in one move. I've also helped several people at the car park entrance. Some are a little unsure at first and don't know exactly what to expect.

>> Could you briefly explain (for people that don't know City Parking and haven't ever parked automatically) how automated parking and unparking works?

You drive your car into the car park. As you enter, your vehicle is measured. When the vehicle has been positioned correctly, the driver can leave their car and the entrance. Now the car is transported to an empty parking space with the help of conveyor belts and lifts. The same happens during the unparking process. What's nice is that the car is facing the direction of travel at the end. So you can drive out of the car park immediately and very easily – no annoying manoeuvring like at a 'normal' car park.

>> In your opinion, what are the main advantages of an automated car park as opposed to other parking options (conventional multi-storey car parks or parking spaces)?

Protection against vandalism. Comfort when it comes to temperature: in the summer the car isn't boiling hot, in winter not too cold, when you collect it from the car park (always over 8 degrees).

>> What do you like best about automated parking?

The car is parked securely here. In addition, City Parking offers a 24 hour service if something doesn't work.

>> Do you feel more secure at City Parking than elsewhere and do you find your car is better protected here? Why – what gives you this feeling?

I just know that my car is parked more securely here. In other places, I never know whether I'm going to find scratches (caused by vandals or other drivers) when I come back.

>> What would you change about City Parking? How can we improve?

I would attach two mirrors to the sides of the entrance so that it's easier for the driver to see where their car is (particularly useful for wider cars like the Audi TT).

>> Would you recommend automated parking? What would be your personal advertising slogan for an automated car park?

Definitely – I've already let a long-term tenant know. My slogan: "Even YOUR car deserves a secure space!“

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