Skyline Parking: AZW 6-months report card

AZW Skyline T-Park has now been in operation for about six months. Operation is going very well despite some unexpected situations.

The automated parking system (APS) is in full operation with virtually all of the 128 parking spaces occupied constantly. Traffic in the APS is much higher than expected due to the turnover of cars. Cars arrive on day, get stored in the APS and end up being sold the next day. The high turnover keeps the built in car wash in operation much of the time.

The AZW installation was turned over to the client in June 2013, following the integration of the car wash. Since then, the client has operated the APS. One AZW employee controls the system in addition to performing his normal job. If necessary, we have remote support in place which is able to solve any problem in most of the cases. Since the Skyline parking tower is the first of its kind, the last months required an intensive monitoring from our side and incidents have been carefully analyzed. With that, we have been able to reduce disruptions over time as requested in the applicable quality standard FEM 9.221. We have exceeded the quality the standard requires, however, the period of transferring our first installation into the quality and reliability of a serial product has taken more attention than expected.

One of the key tasks during that period was to get the authority approval of the system. There has been a review by the organization “SUVA”, responsible for the working safety that visited the installation in summer. To get full compliance, we had to update minor details, which was sometimes difficult since the system was in full operation. Several times we had urgent car deliveries when the upgrade work took place, since a client of azw wanted to see and buy a car that was in the parking tower. Finally, we got the approval in October. There is a function in the system that allows putting a number of cars into an automatic car wash queue. These cars are then taken by the system, get washed in the wash box and put back onto the platform. Our challenge was that car wash systems usually need periodic people surveillance. To install and integrate all the sensors to replace that manual surveillance has been more demanding than expected. Because of the open façade and the nearby train line, the cars are now automatically washed regularly on a floor by floor base.

AZW car wash

AZW car wash

The learning on azw is and will be very important for us. The order for the next tower starts with an engineering contract. All the learnings from azw will be implemented from the beginning. That will help us to shorten the period of updates and adjustments significantly in the next project.

Peter Hossli, COO

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