When an innovative multi-storey car park keeps car prices low

- Schlieren, Switzerland

Auto Züri West is revolutionising vehicle presentation. With a three-day event lasting from 12 to 14 April 2013, this direct importer of vehicles is inaugurating the first parking tower at Zürcherstrasse 143 in Schlieren.

The fully automated and highly visible parking system developed by the Winterthur company Skyline Parking offers a completely new type of display space. Not only can more cars be displayed on the smallest available floor space, they can also be presented attractively to customers.

With the construction of the modern Display Tower, Auto Züri West is ushering in a new era. The Skyline T-Park is not only environmentally friendly (small footprint and no CO2 emissions), it also reflects the image of a successful automobile supplier: convenient, trendy, fast, clean, aesthetically pleasing and trendsetting.

For customers, the Skyline T-Park offers the ultimate shopping experience.

Vehicles are quickly and efficiently presented in the showroom at the press of a button or delivered when bought. The vehicles are always clean thanks to the integrated, automated car wash.

It would not, however, be in keeping with the ethics of the Schlierer-based company if the added value of the new parking system were not passed on to customers. That is why, during the days of the inauguration, Auto Züri West is staging a discount-sale festival that is second to none. Visitors will not only witness a parking premiere but will also be able to take advantage of one-off sensational prices .

Pictures of the Display Tower Auto Züri West

Display Tower Auto Züri West     Display Tower Auto Züri West

Display Tower Auto Züri West     Display Tower Auto Züri West

Short interview with Frido Stutz, Founder and Chairman of Skyline Parking AG

Frido Stutz - Founder and Chairman of Skyline Parking AG

Mr Stutz, how important is this reference property in Schlieren to your company?

Unlike in Asia, in Switzerland automated parking will take a lot of persuasion. This property will enable us to demonstrate our performance capability and innovative strength, gain experience and show the public that, in the future, parking will be best left to machines. This will make it safer, faster and more convenient.

How closely are you working with regional and Swiss suppliers?

Quality and availability are very important to us. Automated parking must be as reliable as a Swiss timepiece. That is why, for the moving parts, the entire control system and the engineering aspect, we rely extensively on Swiss companies we know, of which there are many in the region.

Why does Skyline Parking represent the “future of parking,” not only in the private economy but also throughout the area of urban transport development?

Parking in cities requires a lot of space. It therefore seems quite obvious that for modern, sustainable, dense urban planning, cars should be stored vertically. Private companies tend to be more open to modern technology than town planners, who tend to follow the lead set by private companies. In twenty years, both private and public sectors will be convinced. In a conventional multi-storey car park, each car needs approximately 100 m3 of enclosed space; with us the figure is 30 to 40 m3. Energy consumption is lower because lifts, lighting and ventilation can, to a large extent, be dispensed with. Damage caused by parking and exhaust fumes are significantly reduced, and vandalism and crime are virtually eliminated.


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