A New Image for APS

New technology is often subject to extra scrutiny, which can be quite critical. Inflated promises or expectations, a lack of understanding or misinformation through hearsay contribute to these situations. The result is a damaged or distorted image of the technology and most likely to the supplier in the marketplace. The image of the automated parking systems (APS) is not as good today as it might or should be. Skyline is working hard to improve the APS, hence our reputation.

The image problem primarily stems from a few systems that have had significant start- up problems. In addition, some dissatisfied buyers of other systems in operation exist. The suppliers might have over-promised and under delivered. Perhaps the buyer  had unrealistic expectations. It doesn’t matter. The totality of these circumstances has influenced potential APS customers and prompted critical questions about the technology and its application.

Being an APS supplier, our mantra for Skyline’s APS systems is the highest system availability by integrating proven technology such as conveyor belt and off-the-shelf sensors, design simplicity and engineering durability to reverse the current technology image. Business disruptive problems are eliminated for our customers through systematic and periodical preventive maintenance.

Our APS engineering and design includes measures that increase reliability and reduces trouble shooting to the barest minimum: similar to the elevator industry increasing performance while decreasing “total ownership” costs. We understood from the start that for the long term success of Skyline it is not just selling the next APS but to integrate sustainable and “life cycle” optimized customer solutions. Moreover, it is key to co-operate with loyal business partners and suppliers that share our vision and strive for the same ambitious goals.

We know we have charted a challenging course ... creating what does hardly exist today. We started along the path some time ago and have had setbacks but more importantly some major advances, e.g. our most recent AZW installation. The next step is to integrate everything learned from AZW into our next project, the City Parking renovation in Schaffhausen. It will be a challenging and bumpy road, but we’re working at full speed with conviction towards new and reliable automated parking systems, beyond that what the parking industry has seen so far.

We look forward to the opportunity to share our vision with you…to show you what the future of Skyline products and APS will be. We also welcome any feedback or comments you would like to provide us.

About Skyline Parking AG
Skyline Parking

Skyline Parking AG designs and supplies the most space-efficient and fastest fully automated parking systems. Skyline’s systems provide high returns while being an environmentally and user-friendly answer to the growing scarcity and cost of urban space, worldwide. The broad range of products, means that Skyline Parking has a solution for virtually any location, problem and requirement.


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