Valet System using Cell Phone Notification Boosts Tips and Customer Satisfaction

- Dallas, Texas, US

TEZ, who developed the text based SMS Valet™ system that allows valet customers to check-in and request their vehicles via text message, reports that operators enjoyed increases in customer satisfaction and higher tips. SMS Valet™ by TEZ takes advantage of smartphone technology by allowing customers to give valet attendants a cell phone number instead of getting a paper ticket. The valet sends a text that the customer replies to when he’s ready to pick up his car, which reduces the wait at the valet stand.

Early adopters of SMS Valet™ are reporting that using the system had many advantages: Customers don’t have to search for a paper ticket, and they can text the valet to bring cars to the stand while they’re paying their bills. The technology helped eliminate long lines at the valet stand and customers waiting outside in inclement weather.

SMS Valet® also gives valet operators data they never had before that can gauge customer service. Once a customer retrieves his car, the valet sends a simple survey requesting feedback about the valet experience. This provides operators with valuable data that shows how customers view their service in the field. “The satisfied customers, on average, produced higher tips for the attendants and gave operators opportunities to monitor daily operations and customer service as they have never been able to do before,” said Sherri Jones, Sales Director at TEZ.

SMS Valet™ has an option to send Advertisement and Survey texts to each customer. The advertisement text is a great way to drive sales to local businesses or additional services to the valet. Operators can also provide customers with additional services like carwashes and oil changes. These upsell services not only increase revenue to the valet but also give a much higher level of service to a customer while they shop. End-of-Shift reports allow valet companies to instantly know how much was received no matter if it was cash, credit card or validations.

Trends are trackable when valet companies use SMS Valet™. The app tracks every car parked. Unlike the paper ticket system, SMS Valet™ allows real-time reporting that gives managers and owners a way to monitor each location’s daily operations. At any time, operators can see how many cars are checked in, how many cars were processed in a day, survey results and employee reports via the Internet. From hundreds of miles away, any owner can view these reports and know exactly what is going on at the business. The reporting also helps reduce the common practice of revenue skimming.

Using SMS Valet™ isn’t just convenient—it’s environmentally friendly. TEZ has designed a Reusable Hang and Key tags that eliminates paper tickets. Attendants match the ticket number texted to the customer with the keys and the parked car. Since the tags are reusable, they save the cost of paper tickets.

SMS Valet™ is a game changer in the valet world, by incorporating technology into operations. “Valet companies need an edge to maintain profits, and TEZ does that by leveraging text messaging and putting valet companies back in control of their service,” said Sherri.


TEZ is a telecommunications company that specializes in leveraging existing wireless technologies such as SMS, Wi-Fi messaging and onsite paging to deliver custom communication and notification solutions to businesses in the hospitality industry.


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