Software Developer Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For Smartphone App That Keeps People From Getting Parking Tickets.

The Best Way To Fight A Ticket Is To Avoid One Altogether!

- Los Angeles, California, US announced the launch of its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo as part of its effort to complete the last stages of development and release of its new smartphone application.  The smartphone application is designed to keep its members from ever getting another a parking ticket.

The smartphone application for both iPhone and Android operating systems can save its members from eight different types of parking tickets.  It accomplishes this by using a QR coded membership marker each member receives and places on his vehicle. It only takes about 10 seconds for one member to “save” another member the expensive cost of a parking ticket. When one member spots another member’s vehicle in a potential parking ticket situation, he can scan the QR code with the installed NoTicketForMe smartphone application. He then selects the potential parking ticket type and hits the send button. The member/owner of the vehicle gets a text message notifying him of the potential parking ticket and suggested action to take.

NoTicketForMe owner/founder Al Middleton says, “I get asked all the time: Who would help a complete stranger? The answer is simple: most people are happy to help a stranger if they can. In fact, most people are willing to signal another driver that his gas cap is open, his tires are unusually low, or he left his lights on, for example.” However, the primary reason someone is able to do this, is because of proximity. It’s hard to let someone know his meter is about to expire or he is parked in a no-parking zone when you don’t know who is the owner of the vehicle.  NoTicketForMe now becomes the conduit for this to happen.

The completed NoTicketForMe application is scheduled for wide release in mid-January of 2013 with extensive marketing planned in most major metropolitan markets as soon as possible. Company executives say they are excited about the prospects of walking down most any city street and seeing its membership identification markers (QR codes) on as many vehicles as possible. They continue to work on enhancing the initial features of the application as well as additional upgrades. This includes a parking meter timer which will come with the initial application.

Most people really focus on expiring parking meters, but in many larger cities the “street cleaning” ticket can be a really big-dollar parking ticket. Many streets in metropolitan areas require vehicles to be moved by a specific time on a specific day. Often times these “no-parking” parking tickets cost in the $60-$70 range and are even higher in some areas.” Patrick P. Stafford, Advertising Director at NoTicketForMe, explained further, “This cost can really hurt a family’s budget. No one wakes up in the morning and decides to go out and get a couple of $75 parking tickets.”

Prior to its crowdfunding project on, less than 20 people knew about NoTicketForMe. “Everyone working on the project really thought we had such an innovative idea.  But we really wanted to be tight-lipped.” said Middleton. “If someone would ask what we were working on, we would usually tell them that we were working on a smartphone application that kept people from getting parking tickets, but we would never give them any specific details.” Then a wide-eyed “Really!” became the usual reaction.  As a result, over the months Middleton has compiled hundreds of business cards and small scraps of paper with e-mails and phone numbers of people who want to be contacted when the application is finally released.

When asked why go the crowdfunding approach, Middleton replied, “We considered attempting the venture capital funding route.  But crowdfunding, especially on, gives our developers a chance to hear directly from potential members. Plus, people on Indiegogo and via our website can tell you ideas and situations they have experienced which we never thought of while working on the project.”

For media inquiries, CEO Al Middleton is available for interviews, reviews, and promos and can be reached via the info provided below.



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