SolidParking: Rise of Urbanization Drives Growth of Innovative Car Elevator Parking Systems

ehicles on the ground floor are parked manually, while the other floors are parked automatically.

The rise of urbanization has been a driving factor in the growth of car elevator parking systems, such as the SolidParking Lift and Slide Puzzle Parking System. This type of semi-automated garage is popular in the real estate industry, as it allows for increased space for vehicle storage without wasting time finding an empty spot.

The system works by moving the platform horizontally and vertically, like a puzzle, to store and retrieve vehicles. Unlike regular car stacker parking, it does not require any vehicles to be dependent on each other for parking or retrieval.

This system is powered by either electric motors or hydraulic pumps, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Vehicles on the ground floor are parked manually, while the other floors are parked automatically. It is ideal for residential and commercial use, such as malls, offices, and hotels.

image of a car lift

image of a lift from SolidParking

The major components of the puzzle parking system are the steel structure, transmission system, platform, and control system. The steel structure is composed of a front post, back post, front beam, back beam, and longitudinal beam. The transmission system includes a lifting motor, a sliding motor, a transmission shaft, a transmission chain, and a lifting chain. The platform consists of a platform beam and a wave plate. Finally, the control system includes PLC, a control panel, electrical devices, and an electric cabinet.

For safety, the system comes equipped with photocell sensors, warning lights, anti-fall devices, limit switches, and chain loose protectors. The photocell sensors detect over-length and over-height, and if people or vehicles block the sensor, the system automatically stops all actions and displays an equipment failure on the warning light and operation panel. The warning light emits an alarm sound if there is an unexpected situation. The anti-fall devices use four independent electromagnets to ensure the uniformity of opening and closing time and prevent the falling of the upper platform. The limit switch prevents the platform from exceeding the limited height during lifting. Finally, the chain loose protector detects the tightness of the chain and issues an alarm if the chain is broken.

image of a parking lot with car lifts

The SolidParking Lift and Slide Puzzle Parking System offer numerous benefits such as increased space utilization, a PLC-based control system for better control and operation sequencing, advanced surface finishing, outdoor use designation, and multiple safety devices. It is easy to maintain and operate, and multiple operation modes are available on the control panel. The chain type used in the transmission system ensures the stability and safety of the vehicle during lifting and sliding.

Overall, the SolidParking Lift and Slide Puzzle Parking System is a great solution for anyone looking for increased space utilization and efficient vehicle storage.

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