SolidParking: Simple Car Stackers - The Solution for Parking Woes in Small Spaces and Businesses

Car stackers are a type of parking system that allows you to park multiple cars in a small space.

If you have a small garage or parking space, you know the struggle of finding a place to park your car. Even if you only have one car, it can be a challenge to fit it in when there's not much room to spare. That's where simple car stackers come in.

Car stackers are a type of parking system that allows you to park multiple cars in a small space. They work by stacking the cars on top of each other, so you can fit more cars in the same amount of space. Simple car stackers are typically manual, meaning that you have to operate them yourself. However, there are also automatic car stackers available, which can be more convenient but also more expensive. Today, we're going to take you through our two post, four post and additional valet services. 

Simple car stackers are a great option for people with tight spaces. They can also be a good solution for businesses that need to park a lot of cars in a small area. They are safe, save space, easy to use and affordable. 

Simple Car Stacker Variations

1. Two post

As the name implies, a 2 post double car lift typically uses two columns as a standstill to lift the vehicles. 3 levels are available with a maximum capacity of 3.2 tons. One of the great benefits of a 2 post parking lift is its size. This type of double car lift requires less space compared to four-post car lifts because they usually have sharing column designs. It can easily fit in a shop with limited room and a small garage. Another advantage is also the design. Because two posts are set at the back of the lift, it leaves an open front. It’s very friendly to users who access the vehicles. We have manufactured over 30,000 units of two post stacker equipment. And essentially, 80% of the two post stacker is used for vehicle storage.

image of a two post car stacker from SolidParking

2. Four post

4 post car lifts use four columns to withstand the structure. This stacked parking allows the driver to load and position heavy vehicles easily. Also, because of four post design, it’s safe and reliable to store cars on multiple floors rather than tow levels compared to 2 post car parking lift. Besides, this car lift’s runways provide easy driving onto the lift. As a result, this type of car lift is trendy in different public places. 

Our four post stacker can reach up to five levels with a load capacity of 3.6 tons.the multi-level four post stacker is commonly used in car storage too, but when it comes to home garages and car stores use, our regular two levels four post stacker could be more suitable because it's not only for vehicle storage but also for maintenance and repair.

image of four post car stacker from SolidParking

In some countries and regions, valet parking services are prevalent, and in such situations, the two/four post stackers can be used for temporary parking in commercial and residential areas, hotels, malls, and offices. With valet parking services, the simple car stacker could be a great alternative choice for commercial area use because of its low cost.

The increase in urbanization is a driving factor for the growth of the car elevator parking system. It would be great if it helped you to get to know how to select suitable equipment.

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