SolidParking: The Advanced Automated Parking Solution Redefining Efficiency and Flexibility in Commercial Areas and Public Facilities

SolidParking Advanced Automated Parking Solution

The article explores various types of fully automated parking equipment, including the tower parking system, shuttle parking system, AGV system, and SSP chess parking system. These systems are commonly utilized in commercial areas, office buildings, apartments, and public facilities.

The primary distinction between fully automated and semi-automated equipment lies in their safety features, specifically concerning human operation. Fully automated systems excel in this regard as they eliminate the need for users to manually park their vehicles. Instead, these systems provide designated areas for vehicle parking and retrieval. Users simply drive their vehicles into the designated area and leave, as the system automatically handles the parking process. This significantly reduces the likelihood of human error.

While the tower parking and shuttle parking systems are more widely recognized, we are excited to introduce the "chessparking" system, an advanced automated parking solution originally developed by IHI Japan. The chessparking system offers two key advantages. Firstly, each parking space is equipped with a separate transporter and three motors, enabling independent vertical and horizontal movements. This allows each transporter to operate autonomously, greatly reducing the time and effort required for parking and retrieval, resulting in time savings of nearly two-thirds. Secondly, the chessparking system can be seamlessly integrated into existing parking garages, effectively overcoming obstacles such as columns in the current parking area. If your parking lot is already constructed and other automated systems do not meet your site requirements, the chessparking system may be an ideal solution worth considering.

image of SolidParking's shuttle parking solution image of SolidParking's chessparking parking solution

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image of SolidParking logoSolidParking provides customized parking solutions with in-house manufacturing of metal machined parts. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients to develop innovative parking systems, including Dependent Car stackers, Automated Car Parking Lifts, Car Elevators and more. With a mission to enhance efficiency and productivity, our vision is to become a global leader in the parking systems industry, simplifying parking and saving time and money for clients worldwide.



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