StayParked Inc., Says That Smart Parking Doesn't Necessarily Need To Be High-Tech; Simple Products Make Parking Easier

StayParked Inc. has motorists aware that products can be purchased and be placed on their vehicles informing other drive-by motorists that owner of vehicle is not leaving their parking space.

- New York, US
StayParked magnet to be installed onto any vehicle to ensure better visibilty when vehicles pass perpendicular to your vehicle

StayParked Inc. has come up with a unique brand of products which will help in identifying would-be ‘parking space searchers’ that owners of their parked vehicles are not leaving their parking spot.

Products have already been used in New York City and motorists have gotten great results from using them.

Hi Tech devices such as GPS Parking Systems and similar devices offer less visibility when it comes to actually having a sign on the vehicle which will greatly alert cruising motorists that owners of their vehicles are not leaving their parking spots. By displaying the products on one’s vehicle, they help identify if owner of vehicle is either staying or leaving their parking spot.

Having these products on vehicles will greatly increase traffic movement and will be a great visual aid in helping ‘parking spot searchers’ not to suddenly stop and ask if owner of vehicle is moving and possibly causing an accident and in turn will prevent accidents.

Because of such cruising for a parking spot, this also increases tensions among drivers, increases traffic congestion
and air pollution, and wastes gasoline and time.

StayParked Inc. now has products that can solve this dilemma for both drive-by motorists and parked vehicle owners.
Products can be easily mounted on vehicle in various ways either by using magnets, shades, cones, or vacuum banner devices.

By having StayParked Inc. product(s) on the vehicle when parked; many ‘parking spot searchers’ and parked vehicle owners will get the message and will definitely improve public relations among motorists.

These products will also greatly benefit the environment in lowering gas emissions and better increase movement of traffic.

StayParked Inc


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