Simple and innovative parking solution in Skåne in Sweden

Simple and innovative parking solution in Skåne in Sweden

In September a new and easy to use parking system was put in operation for the car parks Läkarhuset and Glashuset in the Skåne Region in Sweden. Läkarhuset is for staff only, Glashuset is shared by visitors and staff, with a total of 804 parking spaces.

Now visitors can drive in and out of the parking garage, totally hassle free. Payment and tickets have been replaced with an automatic license plate recognition system (LPRS).

LPR in the garages

The license plate is read and the system automatically recognizes the cars which have driven in and out. This results in a more efficient traffic flow, both at entrances and exits.

Although the parking system has changed significantly, the new system works very well. The employees have used the system without too much guidance. They have also handled subscriptions themselves. Earlier this was done manually, so the workload for the administrators has also decreased.

Stefan Eriksson, the manager of the car parks, was not convinced in the start that this would turn out that well: "I must admit that I was somewhat sceptical, believing that this would not work for us. It turned out that these concerns were not justified. The implementation of SwappAccess started in 2014. Along the way, before and during the introduction, we got tremendous support, especially from Robert Lindqvist from SWARCO. Krister Sjogren, Thomas Kofoed and Johan Ribero also contributed with their amazing skills to make SwappAccess a success in Helsingborg. The parking area of Helsingborg has changed from being one of the biggest problem areas into a showcase installation. I can now highly recommend SwappAccess to anyone.”

From manual systems to simple automation

Before the installation of SwappAccess, users who wanted to subscribe had to sign up on a list and getting access was dependent on how far away from the hospital they lived. Now it has changed so that everyone who both has a valid RSID number and work in the Skåne Region has the right to purchase a subscription.

Easy to register

Registration can be done from anywhere by creating an account through the web portal of SwappAccess. After registration they can pay the parking fees in advance, not to spend time doing that in the garages every time they park.

Information upfront – to the users

The Skåne Region prepared the users for the new system, e.g. by distributing leaflets and easy-to-understand instructions. In addition, SWARCO held information meetings for the staff before the system was put in operation. SWARCO was also on site on the first two days to answer questions about the new parking system.

If someone needs help in the garage, they just contact SWARCO’s 06-24h support.


SWARCO – the Austrian-based traffic technology corporation of Tyrolean entrepreneur Manfred Swarovski – is an international group providing the complete range of products, systems, services and solutions for road safety and intelligent traffic management. With almost five decades of experience in the industry, SWARCO supports the growing mobility needs of society with turnkey systems and solutions in road marking, urban and interurban traffic control, parking, public transport, detection, infomobility and energy-efficient, LED-based signaling and lighting technology. The Group consists of roughly 80 companies in 24 countries with a total staff of almost 2700 employees and annual revenues of almost half a billion Euro.


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