Syndicate Launches a RFID Windshield Label That Doubles as a 3rd License Plate

This Non-Transferable label offers distinct advantages over conventional RFID windshield tags.

Tamperproof label

Syndicate’s Crystal 3rd License Plate is a Non-Transferrable Tamperproof RFID windshield label, made to deliver reliable reading for years. With IR and UV light protection, the tag is optimized for application on windshields, offering a read range of up to 10 meters (depending on the reader). This label offers distinct advantages over conventional RFID windshield tags.

With conventional RFID windshield tags, the user is limited to printing variable data on the side, which faces the inside of the vehicle. This restricts any visual means of identification where needed. Our 3rd License plate RFID windshield label is designed such that the user can print variable data On-demand and that the printed data is readable from outside of the vehicle. Ideal for applications where there is a need for a visual means of identification as well.

Typical application includes the use as a Parking Permit where the label can remain on the windshield for the lifetime of the vehicle and permit extensions can be done electronically. Multiple permits can also be clubbed into the same windshield tag. Other applications include Electronic Vehicle Registration, Emissions inspection, Fleet management & toll collection, all where a visual means of inspection may be needed as a safety check

Most conventional RFID windshield labels can be removed without tamper and hence are transferrable. Our 3rd License plate RFID windshield labels features a Tamperproof construction. If any attempt to removal is made, the label will not come off intact making it impossible for the label to be transferred to another vehicle.

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