T2 Systems: Flex 7.6 is Now Available!

We are happy to announce that the 7.6 release of T2 Flex is now available!

The key features of this release include:

  • Streamlined PermitNow Online Event Sales
  • Credit Card In / Credit Card Out (CCIO)
  • Ticket Tracking & Auditing
  • Support for Central Pay-On-Foot (POF) Stations
  • New User Interface for Occupancy/Pricing Schedules

Documentation updates for Flex 7.6 include: Flex Online Help, Knowledge Base and T2 Hub. Please refer to the release notes for information on the latest features and requirements in the 7.6 release.

T2 Flex 7.6 release overview

Key benefitsThree steps

Streamlined PermitNow Online Event Sales

Give your customers a faster way to purchase parking for events and improve your event parking operations. PermitNow Online Event Sales will now provide an improved online experience for your customers, with a streamlined 3-step process and Guest Checkout functionality.

An improved online experience encourages more customers to buy their parking online before the events. More parking sold online improves event day forecasting, saves staff time during ingress and ultimately increases your event parking revenue. And with Guest Checkout functionality for event parking, customers will be able to bypass creating a profile to save time and your Flex database will have fewer onetime-only customers.

Credit Card In / Credit Card Out (CCIO)

Encourage more customers to pay with a credit card and reduce the amount of customers with lost tickets using Credit Card In / Credit Card Out (CCIO) in your PARCS facilities. CCIO lets your customers enter and exit a gated facility using a credit card instead of pulling a ticket; and when they leave, they pay the appropriate fee using that same credit card or an alternate method of payment. This solution is fully PCI-compliant as it doesn’t store any sensitive cardholder information in the database. Reduce your cash handling, and reduce chances of leakage or fraud with increased credit card usage. All while speeding up ingress and egress at your facilities.

Ticket Tracking & Auditing

Get enhanced reporting for your PARCS facilities from Flex with Ticket Tracking and Auditing. With this new functionality, we’re making it easier for you to find out the “who, what, when, how long” and transaction details of your PARCS facilities. New standard widgets are included to give quick snapshots of these details. Access the information more easily and generate intelligent data for budgeting and parking policy decisions for your operation.

Support for Central Pay-On-Foot (POF) Stations

Does your facilities layout lend itself to a central POF station for multiple parking facilities? Provide your customers the convenience of paying for parking in one centrally-located POF station and reduce your system cost by supporting multiple facilities with the same POF station.

New User Interface for Occupancy/Pricing Schedules

Save time with the revamped Occupancy and Transient Pricing Schedules setup process. See your information and make changes in one step via a streamlined user interface. Set these schedules in an easier way, and attach them to other facilities faster.


Streamlined PermitNow Online Event Sales

  • Fewer steps for your customers to buy event parking
  •  “Guest Checkout” lets customers bypass creating an account when purchasing event parking
  • Customers can purchase multiple permits for multiple days in one transaction
  • Events can be grouped together, for customers to see all in one place
  • Events can be created for non-consecutive days

Credit Card In / Credit Card Out (CCIO)

  • Let transient customers use their credit card for entry/exit, instead of a ticket
  • Reduce ticket usage and cost; and increase the sustainability factor of your parking system
  • Provide potential for faster ingress/egress at facilities
  • Your customers can use a different credit card for payment, after the same card used at entry is swiped to calculate the parking fee
  • Lost Ticket Functionality (with CCIO hardware) allows customers to pay a lost ticket fee upon exit
  • Note: May require hardware conversion or new hardware, in addition to new firmware. Please see your Account Manager for details.

Ticket Tracking & Auditing

  • Easier access to non-resettable counts information
  • New built-in widgets and reports to support enhanced auditing, including average parking duration, counts by facility/type, open credential/transient parkers and more.
  • Note: May require hardware conversion or new hardware, in addition to new firmware. Please ask your Account Manager for details.

New User Interface for Occupancy/Pricing Schedules

  • Improved user interface with fewer steps required

Support for Central Pay-on-Foot (POF) Stations

  • Allow customers to pay for parking in one place for multiple facilities
  • Different rate structures, for multiple facilities, are supported

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Started in 1994, T2 Systems is a technology-focused parking system provider with deep roots in the evolving parking industry. This commitment is evident in T2’s quality products and services, thought leadership and strong customer relationships. With its proven, unified solutions, T2 Systems is trusted by close to 400 organizations in the US and Canada including universities, cities, towns, hospitals and parking operators. T2 Systems is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana and has virtual offices throughout the United States and Canada. For additional information about T2 Systems, Inc. products and services, visit www.T2systems.com.


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