T2 Systems: Parking Perspectives - Embracing Time-Based Parking Solutions In The Modern World

It’s a great example of how shifts in needs can create change in the industry and how technology can help us all move forward.

The basic demands of parking patrons remain the same—they want to leverage parking solutions and systems to be as close as possible to their destination with minimal hassle and cost. Today, patrons require a distinct set of needs including convenience and flexibility. The customer-centric value of time-based parking supports parkers with hybrid schedules, as well as maximizes space and turnover for operations. It’s a great example of how shifts in needs can create change in the industry and how technology can help us all move forward.

The Rise of Hybrid Schedules

A decade ago, time-based parking was a “nice to have” for patrons with flexible schedules, such as university students. Promoted as time-based permitting, it began as an innovative concept that has now become a necessity. Hybrid schedules are the new normal for many. We see corporate campuses offering employees the flexibility of working 3-days onsite, at most, and students scheduling attendance on campus 2 out of 5 days of the week, on average.

Transforming Operations

Time-based parking results in spot availability for everyone, including short-term visitors, students, staff, and residents, by ensuring maximum parking turnover. Likewise, a steady rotation ensures equitable access to parking spaces, discouraging one person from monopolizing a designated spot for an unnecessary amount of time, as an example. With the solution, operations are earning great reputations for their focus on customer experiences.

Time-based parking is also empowering operations to optimize spaces and keep revenue flowing. Solutions such as T2 Tempo™ allow operations to sell parking in time increments for as little as 15 minutes which keeps spaces occupied. Traditionally permitted operations are reimagining their processes, looking more and more at time-based solutions to solve business challenges and realize goals, while better serving their patrons.

A Solution Fit for the Times and the Future

Up until recent years, most parkers were bound to plans requiring payment on either a per month, per semester, or yearlong parking term. Today, with the continued rise of hybrid workers and students, flexibility and adaptability in these models has become a “must have” for operations to prevent customers from feeling frustrated or shortchanged. Time-based parking solutions ease parker concerns, meet their demands, and provide much more added value:

  • Autonomy

With time-based parking, patrons make choices to customize their own parking experience. Through a self-service portal, they create, manage, and pay for what they need, whether it’s 15-minute or 15-hour parking.

  • Touchless

Minimizing physical touch has become a way of life for some, and a more inclusive experience for others. Managing parking through personal online devices eases sensitivities and also promotes patron safety.

  • Budget Friendly

Time-based parking gives patrons the ability to select rates that best fit their budget, view all charges upfront, and pay only for the time they need.

  • Convenience

Patrons pay for exactly the parking they need when they need it. Its user-friendly, mobile platform can be used to purchase parking at a convenient time in a stress-free environment.

T2 Tempo™

We’ve made personalized parking easy for operations and their customers. Our time-based parking solution, T2 Tempo™ is now available to workers, staff, and students who need to harness flexible parking options, and to facilities that are eager to maximize space utilization and turnover.

T2 Tempo™ is an easy-to-use online platform that allows customers to purchase parking for specific days and times, either on a one-time, concurrent, or non-concurrent basis. It’s just as easy for parking operations to configure facility limits and schedules on the back-end, while optimizing pricing based on demand.

Contact us to see how our time-based parking solution can help make every trip a smooth journey for you and your customers, or learn more now by downloading our T2 Tempo™ factsheet.

About T2 Systems T2 Systems

T2 is the largest provider of parking and mobility solutions in North America. With over 27 years in business, T2 now serves more than 2,000 customers and maintains the largest Customer Community with over 7,500 active members. T2 helps universities, municipalities, operators, healthcare campuses, and transportation hubs generate revenue and operate efficiently with a comprehensive, integrated suite of solutions featuring touchless and contactless capabilities. From curbside management to gateless, from mobile payments to transportation demand management, T2 strives to make every trip a smooth journey by streamlining the parking, mobility, and transportation experience with technology solutions that help organizations manage resources, achieve goals, and empower consumers with choices.


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