Next Generation of T2 Pay Station Software Seamlessly Adapts to Robbins Parking Customer Scenarios

Pay Station 8 and the Power of Collaboration

Robbins Parking

The strong partnerships that T2 develops with customers allow us to create exceptional products. As part of our product development lifecycle, we invite customers to test our new solutions every step of the way, ensuring that we continually offer the most innovative and effective products when ready for release.

General Manager Kevin Stacey of Robbins Parking, the largest parking solutions provider on Vancouver Island, BC, and partner of T2 since 2015, never waited to receive such an invite from us.

For the past six years, Kevin and his team have been invaluable contributors for perfecting our T2 Luke II and Luke Cosmo Pay Station 8 (PS8) software. With his training and 20-year career as a communications and electronics technician with the Royal Canadian Navy, he volunteered along with his maintenance staff to provide log files and feedback while beta testing our latest operating platform for T2 pay stations.

“It all made sense – with a deep understanding of meter mechanics and communication systems, and a team I can depend on, we’re able to offer help to T2 in identifying fixes and improvements to PS8 from what we were experiencing in the field with our customers,” Kevin said. “My experiences also taught me – and my staff agree – that we always want to be a part of a solution rather than just rant and rave and never see problems get resolved.”

“Robbins Parking has been an important source of our product development for several years. Operating in the key multispace markets of municipal, private operator, and university, the experience and feedback provided is invaluable,” said Allan Muir, T2 Senior Project Manager. Brande Christensen, T2 Inside Sales Manager added, “[They’ve] always been such a wonderful partner and champion of T2. Kevin’s leadership is evident as his team always goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. All the feedback we receive from the team is so valuable to T2’s continued success.”

PS8 in Action, TodayPS8 in Action, Today

As a private operator that manages more than 250 lots on behalf of clients ranging from private businesses and ferry terminals to hospitals and universities, Robbins Parking has also provided T2 a unique perspective on different use cases for PS8. “All our client experiences are different, so we don’t fit just one mold,” Kevin said. “We have different configurations at every meter, whether it’s event rates, coupon codes, or extend-by-time or extend-by-phone. We even use T2 pay stations for a customer that operates a ferry – patrons of The Skeena Queen are purchasing boarding passes from a T2 parking meter!”

T2 configures our pay station software with the flexibility to adapt to any situational need. The recent release of Pay Station 8 offers customers over-the-air software updates, online configuration through a web-based application, calendar-based rate scheduling, an updated parker interface and service menu, and more. Customers who use T2’s Pay Station 7 (PS7) software continue to be supported but are not able to harness the new features and functionalities of PS8 that are taking Robbins’ customers to the next level of parking management.

“The difference between PS7 and PS8 is noticeable right away,” Kevin said. “It’s not just, ‘oh, that’s a nice new screen’, or ‘what a great font!’ It’s a quick customer interface with amazing transaction time. PS8 has been absolutely fantastic and a huge success so far, in my opinion.”

Kevin enthusiastically shared how PS8 recently helped their customer, The Canadian Coast Guard. The crew on the water had been experiencing communication issues with their EMVs hopping repeaters, often landing on the U.S. side. Robbins decided to push PS8 to their meters – and as a surprise to Robbins’ client, this, and every unstable issue they were experiencing got resolved. “Transactions times that took 30 seconds came way down to six,” Kevin said with delight. “From resolving communication issues to just having a faster interface that shortens the time customers need to stand in front of meters in all sorts of weather, we are all having great experiences with PS8.”

For Kevin, the most beloved feature of the software upgrade is over-the-air updates. “As an operator, there’s a cost to send people out to a meter to spend two hours each time uploading a software update,” he said. “Updates are happening automatically now, and I keep telling everyone that it’s just the greatest thing.”

PS8 Reflections

Kevin is highly satisfied with PS8’s development, the resulting product that he stands behind, and T2’s continued support. “I’ve worked with a lot of companies and T2 has always been there,” he said. “Over the years, I’ve always spoken very highly of the people at T2 and the support team there. Some people have moved on since, but the same level of care always continues to be provided – which speaks volumes for the type of staff T2 hires and the type of outcomes they want for their customers.” Follow-up and follow-through are important to Kevin, who instills these virtues into his staff. “This is something that T2 has good energy on,” Kevin said.

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