UofL Discovers the Future of Parking Citation Payments with T2’s Scan & Pay

University Parking & Transportation Services also offers citation payment options through in-person visits, or by mail-ins.


campusFounded in 1798 as one of the nation’s first city-owned public universities, the University of Louisville (UofL) is a vital ecosystem that creates thriving futures for students, the community and society. T2 Systems and UofL University Parking & Transportation Services have had a long, successful partnership since 1994 – when T2 was founded.

The team manages roughly 12,000 parking spaces, including 35 parking lots, 2 garages and stadium parking for approximately 23,000 students and 7,100 staff and faculty. About 10,000 people park on campus every day, which includes parking at their Health Science Center campus location that they also manage.


Gary Becker, Parking Director of UofL University Parking & Transportation Services, is fully committed to evolving his department into a more customer-driven and user-friendly operation by offering customer-focused solutions. While his department employs T2 Flexport to pay citations, he wanted to expand offerings that were attuned to student needs and aligned with their usual behaviors.

Offering convenience is always our goal,” Gary said. “We wanted to provide our parkers a mobile-friendly solution for citation payments, especially our students. I wanted to find another easy-to-use payment option for them – one in my view, where they’d have the ability to pay immediately, sooner than what they are accustomed to.

In addition to T2 Flexport, University Parking & Transportation Services also offers citation payment options through in-person visits, or by mail-ins.


T2's Scan & Pay appA T2 customer for 30 years, University of Louisville is very familiar with our parking systems and payment solutions. Gary learned about the release of T2’s Citation Payments Scan & Pay feature earlier this year that offers parkers a convenient mobile-friendly platform. Parkers can now use their device to scan the QR code on their citation, then pay on their phone through Google Pay or by credit card.

Since implementing Scan & Pay in February, 2024, Gary states, “I’ll just say – the difference in convenience to users is night and day. It’s been a beautiful child of our payment process.” The University Parking & Transportation Services team has found Scan & Pay – white labeled with the UofL brand – to be easy to use and quickly adopted by parkers.

From about 73 days to about 7 days, collection times have also been dramatic since launch. “This was a very easy transition that is very user-friendly and enhances the customer experience,” says Gary.

Scan & Pay has proven itself as the preferred solution by parkers above UofL’s other citation payment options.


Due to Scan & Pay being a citation payment feature, University of Louisville didn’t employ any marketing tactics when it launched the solution. “It’s a challenging space to try to market something that people will view negatively since they received a parking citation,Gary said. Yet, adoption of Scan & Pay happened almost immediately for UofL.

In three months, 28% of citations are now being paid through this functionality. “We will see adoption continue to rise,Gary said. The strange thing was that we had people use it as soon as it was implemented – we had people paying on it the very same day.” At this 3-month milestone, Scan and Pay alone has streamed nearly $30,000 in paid transactions.

When issuing a citation, enforcement officers have the option to attach photos of the violation to the solution. “I think it goes a long way to help the customer understand not only why they received a citation, but to see the violation,Gary said. “This has created a decrease in the number of appeals, because now they know that we have the images,” says Gary.

I haven’t heard anyone say a thing about Scan & Pay,” Gary added. “So for me, I consider the solution a win.

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