Exciting Upgrades to T2's Hosting Environment

Indulge your inner-geek for a moment.  Don’t worry. Everyone has an inner geek.  Look down deep, it’s there. 

Found it? Good.

Now, let’s talk cloud.  More importantly, let’s talk about a really cool, innovative, and fast cloud – T2’s Hosting Environment.

Since 2001, T2 has brought the concept of the “cloud” to the parking industry in the form of our enterprise-class Hosting Environment. Now with over 200 customers, T2’s Hosting Environment continues to leverage best-in-class enterprise IT equipment coupled with best-in-class industry software.  In order to continue exceeding our commitment to providing our hosting customers with an excellent experience, we’ve recently gone through some exciting upgrades to our Hosting Environment that T2 started at the beginning of the year.

So what grandiose schemes and plans have we been up to lately?

Welcome to the next level of T2’s Cloud:

  • We’ve ensured capacity and performance as we’ve migrated all Hosted Customers onto Cisco’s UCS (Unified Computing System) platform. This means 15 Cisco UCS Blade Servers across 4 chassis, with over 3.5 Terabytes of RAM, and the latest Intel Quad and Oct-Core processors.
  • We’ve ensured redundancy and resiliency by tying all these servers into redundant power, cooling, and network connectivity to each individual server in our environment.
  • We’ve increased our high availability and resiliency against hardware failures, installing Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V 3.0 High Availability clusters to both our Application and Database servers.
  • We’ve maintained our current growth plans and expanded our scalability; leveraging and harnessing the power of over 115 total Microsoft 2008 R2 Server Virtual Machines running our own T2 Flex software, T2 eBusiness, and Oracle.
  • We’re taking the reliability, protection and performance of your data very seriously – by migrating customers onto EMC’s newest storage platform – the EMC VNX series SAN (Storage Area Network), complete with over 57 Terra Bytes of raw storage, across over 170 total 10K SAS drives and 15 total 100 Giga Byte Enterprise Solid State Drives for performance enhancements through cutting-edge Solid State Disk Caching (EMC Fast Cache).
  • We’ve implemented EMC’s Data Domain Deduplication device to leverage new data protection technologies for our backup strategy.
  • We’re already planning ahead for the months to come, which include upgrades to our DNS infrastructure, new security appliances and upgrades, and a refresh of our perimeter network routers, amongst other exciting projects.

It’s a good time to be a geek at T2. Simply put, we’ve turned it all up a notch and set the dial towards 11. Our goal is to meet and then exceed the expectations of our Hosted Customers. For us, it’s all about data protection, security, and performance. Bottom line: Keep parking, we've got you covered.

T2 Systems

That's a lot of hardware to unpack!

T2 Systems

The SAN where T2's Customer Data lives.

T2 Systems

New servers being installed.


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