TagMaster NA & Time Equipment Deploy LPR And PARCS Solution for Iconic Des Moines Marina

Game Changing LPR Technology

- Des Moines Marina and Beach Park, Des Moines, Washington State
TMNA LPR, Time Equipment & TIBA PARCS

Tacoma, WA | June 2024 - Des Moines, WA – The Des Moines Marina and Des Moines Beach Park have recently upgraded their parking systems to enhance operational efficiency and maximize revenue. This upgrade leverages the powerful features of TagMaster North America's (TMNA) License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, seamlessly integrated with TIBA Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) deployed by Time Equipment Company.

The City of Des Moines prioritized reliable, locally serviced systems over cost during the bidding process. The Council members noted that the price was irrelevant if it could not be serviced in a timely manner. City Council members and Marina service and IT staff visited Time Equipment's Bellevue office to ensure they were partnering with a vendor capable of providing full-service support and the most reliable LPR technology available.

Time Equipment Company installed TMNA's innovative LPR cameras, TIBA MP-60 entry stations, and SW-60 exit terminals throughout the Marina and Beach Park. These terminals, equipped with NAYAX credit card readers, support EMV payment security, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. The upgrade was completed with the installation of thirteen Magnetic Gates.

The power of TMNA's intelligent identification solutions and advanced LPR technology lies in its integration of AI and machine learning, ensuring unmatched accuracy and performance. TMNA continues to lead the industry with cutting-edge innovations that drive efficiency and reliability. This expertise translates into superior security, streamlined operations, and enhanced user experiences for our clients. TMNA's LPR cameras were a significant addition to the system, offering dual cameras (IR and color) for capturing reflective and non-reflective license plates in all weather and lighting conditions.  

Ali Khaksar, President of TMNA stated, “Our partnership with Time Equipment in implementing LPR technology at Des Moines Marina marks a significant step forward in enhancing security and efficiency. Together, we're bringing cutting-edge solutions to the heart of our community, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for all.

The deployed PARCS and LPR Cameras enhance traffic flow during peak summer months and improves security by recording vehicle license numbers. With the LPR system recognizing vehicle plates, customers can exit seamlessly without displaying a paid ticket. These combined technology solutions represent a significant advancement in parking management, ensuring a seamless, secure, and efficient experience for all visitors.

John Brondello, CEO at Time Equipment notes, “It is wonderful to partner with a local provider of such high quality equipment and software. Even more important is the commitment to outstanding customer service. With 96 years of history in the Pacific Northwest, it is critical to associate with reliable partners. TMNA is an amazing addition to our offerings.

About TagMaster NA

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TagMaster North America, Inc.is a leading provider of Intelligent Identification solutions across many different markets and verticals, offering dual technologies including Software Solutions for Airport Ground Transportation Management, long-range Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and License Plate Recognition (LPR). TagMaster NA addresses a wide range of challenges in the parking, rail bound, access, industrial and security industries with 25 years of experience and technical knowledge. The diverse family of hardware and software solutions ensures maximum adaptability and versatility. sales@TagMasterNA.com  | P: 866-615-5299

About Time Equipment Company

Time Equipment Company (TEC) is a leader in automated parking control systems in the Pacific Northwest and exclusive provider of TIBA Parking solutions. TEC streamlines activities, ensures regulatory compliance, and provides customized solutions that fit their customers’ needs and cultures. Their world-class parking systems from TIBA simplify complex processes and maximize revenue, ensuring a quick return on investment. At Time Equipment Company, our mission is to remove burdens and simplify lives with best-in-class products and services throughout the Pacific Northwest. sales@TimeEquipment.com  | P: 425-861-9599


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