Long-Range Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) System Solutions

TagMaster has supplied its RFID systems to several installations at airports around the world, resulting in increased security, efficiency and convenience for the airports and their travellers.
tm-reader-l.jpgThe new TagMaster MarkTag MeM gives a reading range of 10 metres when combined with the TagMaster LR-6 Reader and a reading range of 14 metres when combined with the TagMaster LR-6 XL Reader which results in endless opportunities and interesting applications at airports around the globe.

Vehicle Access Control at Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport uses TagMaster AVI system for smooth traffic flow at the terminals. The TagMaster RFID technology provides hands-free access control for taxis, limousines and buses.


The airport faced problems with private cars parking on the lanes by the terminals. This was causing congestion and problems for the taxi and bus companies. To get control of the traffic flow by the terminals, the Civil Aviation Authority decided to restrict access to the 5 entry and exit lanes of the various parking zones within the airport terminal.

A system that could identify all different types of vehicles, ranging from normal cars to limousines and buses was required. The situation of fast moving vehicles created a specific demand for a system that could identify objects at high speeds.


tm-01-s.jpgThe solution was to use a long-range AVI system from TagMaster since a proximity system would require the bus driver to get out of the bus to reach the reader in order to be identified.

Each authorized operator applied for an ID-tag that was fixed inside the vehicles windscreen. The unique ID-number contained in the ID-tag represents a specific vehicle and recipient of the airport charges.

Except for the two taxi lanes, each entry and exit lanewas equipped with one barrier and one TagMaster reader. The readers were mounted on poles, 3.2 metres above the ground. Each of the two taxi lanes was equipped with one reader installed on an overhead gantry. All readers were connected to system controllers, which in turn were connected to a central host. The authorized operator is allowed a limited number of vehicles within the parking zone. Vehicles belonging to the same operator are not granted access unless those inside the parking zone have exited. Each vehicle is allowed to stay in the parking zone for 20 minutes. If the time is exceeded, the operator will be charged for the extra time.


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