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As the first month of 2019 draws to a close we were curious to see what developments we could expect in the parking industry. 

We asked our business member, Tradelec, to give us some insight into what they think will happen. All quotations below are directly from Michaël Jacobs, Sales Manager, who was on hand to provide us with information.

Future Trends

Firstly, we wanted to know what trends Tradelec predict in the coming year for the parking industry in general. “We expect it to be more connected and integrated, e.g. IoT, platforms, cloud based services and mobile based applications. From our side we think about drone applications, which are going to be one of these technologies. Where currently end customers need several tools to generate the desired data they will be able to implement it by using one tool, and receive data derived from several different sources”.


We were interested in how the web-based parking solution market would evolve this year according to Tradelec. “So the web based parking solution market will evolve in a way that we think it is going to be more green and smart, we are experiencing an explosion of new market and parking applications for smart phones and mobile devices. It is moving away from cash payment to e-payment.

As a Belgian company, we are focusing on the Belgian standard, and it is finally going to have a strong augmentation in mobile application users. Also the implementation of sensors, cameras and other scan applications such as ANPR cameras, are subjects of evolution. By deploying more of these kind of solutions end customers will eventually receive more specific data that they can use in the treatment of their (own) data.

Finally, the usage of reflow parking facilities (will evolve). We are currently implementing different kinds of parking facilities, off-street without barriers, which will mean for the end-user a cost reduction for and more free flow for mobility”.


We asked Tradelec to give us some insight into what we could expect from them this year.

What you can expect from Tradelec this year is groundbreaking development in smart mobility. We believe that it is relevant to have real-time data, IoT platforms and green smart facilities. We strongly believe that our company is going to have groundbreaking impact on mobility as we know it. What are we going to do (to achieve this)? Reduce congestion time for better mobility and a greener environment.

Why? Because traffic jams are one of the biggest reasons for emissions. Traffic jams are caused by, amongst other things, traffic accidents, although we cannot reduce traffic accidents we can minimize the time that people need to spend in traffic jams. How are we going to do this? By deploying high end drone applications with smart AI technology at accident scenes, which can easily and rapidly map the scene into a 2D and 3D sketch. We expect that this groundbreaking application, applied in Belgium, will reduce the time spent in traffic jams by 50%. Important for the police, roadway enforcers, citizens and the environment”.



It would appear that Tradelec predict that connectivity and integration will be in the spotlight in 2019. They believe that mobility will become more free-flowing through the use of barrier-less off-street parking facilities and that customers will be empowered to manage their own data. Their focus over this year will be on drone development and usage in conjunction with smart AI technology to better manage congestion, leading to improvement of both mobility and a greener environment.

We would like to thank Michaël for taking the time to answer our questions and provide us with some valuable and informative information.

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