Triflex Delivers a Weatherproof Parking Garage for WILA

The New Parking Garage will Benefit Staff and Visitors

- Lochem, Netherlands
The new two-story parking garage at WILA provides 200 parking spaces

WILA has been developing high-end press brake systems and tools for more than 85 years. And, as the company continued to grow during those years it outgrew its premises. Plans for expansion were accompanied by plans for a new parking garage for staff and visitors. At Trilex, we were responsible for the waterproof flooring and finishing including traffic guidance.

The Challenge

To ensure that the walking distance to the business premises is minimal, the parking garage has been located on the Goorseweg in Lochem, just opposite the building. The plans for the building were for two parking levels providing 200 parking places for cars, as well as space for bicycles, motorbikes, and three-wheelers.

The garage consists of a steel construction with duct plates on which a pressure layer has been laid. As the upper deck is outside, it is exposed to various weather conditions and must, therefore, be watertight and capable of withstanding temperature differentiation caused by the sun. As a result of heating by day and cooling by night, thermal stress is created that can cause cracking in the pressure layer. In addition to stress due to the weather, the deck also receives mechanical stress from cars.

It is important that the finish can guarantee that the top deck is 100% watertight. Because we naturally want to prevent water and thawing salts from entering the structure through cracks and causing damage in the long term. Or even worse: leaks to the parking floor below.

All in all, the finishing touches must ensure that staff and visitors can safely drive and walk into the parking garage. In addition, the garage must be aesthetically representative, so in short, we must provide sufficient anti-slip and clear routing.

The Solution

The parking garage could have been finished with the liquid plastic Polyurethane. However, a problem quickly arises here as Polyurethane is sensitive to weather influences during application. In addition, the lifespan of this resin is limited in an outdoor situation. Cast asphalt was also an option, but this is so heavy that a sturdier construction would have been necessary. It is also not possible to use cast asphalt in clear colors.

The client WILA, therefore, chose Triflex systems. These could meet the set requirements whilst offering a proven long service life, even with permanent exposure to wind and weather. The parking deck is finished with Triflex ProPark, variant 1 and the ramp is equipped with the same system, but in variant 3. With these systems, the parking garage is guaranteed to be watertight, crack-bridging, hard-wearing, offer sufficient anti-slip, be easy to maintain and has a modern look with long service life.

The Process

The applicator for this project was BLOM flooring systems. An obvious choice as Blom is a local applicator (Enter, Overijssel) and has 30 years of experience in finishing car parks and similar projects. The main contractor for the WILA parking garage was VDR Bouwgroep.

Kneeling man applies clean liquid to a concrete parking lot, trees in the background

Blom first started with the pre-treatment of the substrate, a primer layer was then applied to ensure good adhesion to the substrate. The next step in the process was the installation of a reinforced and crack-bridging (and therefore watertight) Triflex ProPark membrane. On top of that came the wear layer, sprinkled with fire-dried quartz sand. Finally, the finishing layer has been applied, this also includes the signage and parking spaces.

Parking ramp under construction, leading to the rooftop, blue sky, trees and workmen in the background    Under a blue and white cloud sky the rooftop of a parking garage is being painted in grey and black.

The Result

The completed parking garage of WILA really catches the eye: the modern appearance, shape, and colors provide a secure traffic guidance and a beautiful combination with the landscape.

And thanks to the proven longevity, the WILA staff and visitors can certainly enjoy it for the next 25 years ahead!

Two story parking garage sits within a building site and field with a tower block and trees in the background.    Ramps of a parking garage, newly surfaced in black and painted with white directional arrows

About Triflex

Triflex is the leading European specialist in liquid waterproofing products and cold plastics. Our Triflexhigh-quality systems provide reliable and lasting solutions for waterproofing roofs, balconies, and parking decks. In addition, we prove our technology leadership time and again with a whole range of special solutions. Triflex markings set the standard on roads and cycle paths, in factories and multi-story car parks. 
We deliver individual solutions worldwide from our production facilities in Minden, Germany. We can boast more than 40 years of experience in the market. Reliability, focus on service and innovation are the values we work by every day in our customers’ interest.


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