Triflex Refurbish Preston Bus Station

- Preston, United Kingdom
Preston Bus Station by Triflex


  • Area: 12,000m²
  • Systems: Triflex DeckFloor
  • Authorised Contractor: Makers Construction Ltd.
  • Scope of work: Refurbishment of multi-storey car park

The challenge

In October 2016, Triflex were invited by Triflex Authorised Contractor Makers Construction Limited, to provide a project specification for a waterproofing and surfacing solution to the multi-storey car park at Preston Bus Station. The bus station has undergone a multi-million-pound repair, renovation and modernisation scheme to create a vibrant public space.

Preston Bus Station is a Grade II-listed building, recognised for its 1960’s curved concrete fins which run the entire length of the building. The car park first opened in 1969 and was previously deemed to be the largest car park in Europe; supplying parking to over 900 vehicles. Today, the building aims to restore and preserve the iconic 1960’s design by incorporating a user-friendly, fresh feel to its car park.

The car parks area totals over 12,000m² and the project specified the treatment of the exposed car park decks, the two internal decks and all access ramps. The two internal decks are located directly above the busy bus depot and other occupied spaces, so required particular consideration for refurbishment. The project specification outlined that if a solution was to be provided, the solution must provide the ability to directly overlay the existing substrate in order to prevent any damage to below stores, loss of working hours and minimise overall costs.

The initial site survey established that the decks had suffered from years of heavy traffic, leaving the decks worn and bearing cracks, blisters and ruckling. In some cases, attempted repair works had been carried out, which unfortunately, had also failed leaving the asphalt pulling away from the concrete upstands.

During the survey, The Triflex Technical Team, conducted tests to determine the suitability of the asphalt for direct overlay and anticipate the level of preparation required before installation.

Trifelx Preston Bus station Trifelx Preston Bus station

The solution

Triflex was specified to provide a waterproofing and surfacing solution at Preston Bus Station due to the systems ability to directly overlay the existing substrate.

The completion of on-site testing established that the best possible solution would be Triflex DeckFloor, a heavy duty, durable system which is compatible with virtually all substrates.

Triflex DeckFloor and DeckFloor Ramp systems were the ideal solution for this car park as they not only met the criteria for direct asphalt overlay but also provided the deck structure with high-levels of resistance to chemicals commonly found in the car park environment namely; petrol, diesel and motor oil. Moreover, the high levels of anti-skid properties of the system would provide a safer environment for pedestrians and vehicles alike. Triflex DeckFloor Ramp, also incorporates the use of emery within its system. This, when installed provides a higher level of grip for climbing traffic.

Prior to installation the Triflex Technical Team recommended that the Authorised Contractors carry out pre-installation works such as, removing the clustered blisters and shot blasting the decks. By carrying out these pre-works it would ensure that the best possible adhesion between substrate and system is achieved.

Like all Triflex systems, Triflex DeckFloor is totally cold applied, improving safety and decreasing time on site. Furthermore, Triflex DeckFloor is exceptionally fast curing, allowing the system to be installed in stages and the car park to be reopened to the public quickly, minimising inconvenience. These properties coupled with the fast and efficient application by Makers Construction Limited allowed the car park surfacing to be completed quickly with minimal disruption to the public.

About Triflex

Triflex is the leading European specialist in liquid waterproofing products and cold plastics. Our Triflexhigh-quality systems provide reliable and lasting solutions for waterproofing roofs, balconies and parking decks. In addition, we prove our technology leadership time and again with a whole range of special solutions. Triflex markings set the standard on roads and cycle paths, in factories and multi-storey car parks.
We deliver individual solutions worldwide from our production facilities in Minden, Germany. We can boast more than 40 years of experience in the market. Reliability, focus on service and innovation are the values we work by every day in our customers’ interest.


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