Wereldhave NV Chose Triflex to Refurbish De Koperwiek Shopping Center

Triflex has protected the building from weather whilst improving the appearance and increasing safety.

De Koperwiek shopping center in Capelle aan den Ijssel is undergoing a renovation by Wereldhave to increase the space and improve the atmosphere and experience for shoppers. As the refurbishment includes the parking garage, which includes large surfaces that are often exposed to extreme weather conditions, Wereldhave called on Triflex to optimally protect the garage, down to the smallest details.

The Challenge

To ensure that the entire experience is attractive and accessible to shoppers, the shopping center’s parking garage had to be taken in hand. Prior to refurbishment, only on-street parking was available, but to improve the experience it was decided that the new facility would be covered. Another requirement was that the total number of parking spaces should be in line with the future range of shops.

The Solution

Wereldhave NV chose Triflex because of the sustainable finishes we can offer parking facilities, with the Triflex CIS system, the Triflex CPS-I + system, and the Triflex ProDeck system, variants 1 and 3. The Triflex CIS system provides a riding surface with a durable seal, and a total insulation and pressure distribution layer were also applied to the total structure. This system has a proven lifespan and optional maintenance of the marking and color finish after 12-15 years.
On top of the insulated pressure layer of the Triflex CIS system, a Triflex finish has been applied that protects the structure against the mechanical stress of moving traffic. These systems also protect against temperature changes, UV loads and they are crack-bridging and waterproof.

The Process

Rooftop and ramp of a parking garage

Meekelenkamp Kunststof Techniek (MKT) was the designated applicator for this project. This certified Triflex applicator is specialized in the realization of complex parking facilities. The applicators set to work with the two-layer parking garage with a covered lower deck and an outer top deck.

First of all, the Triflex CIS system was installed, insulating the parking roof above the underlying spaces. After this layer was cured, MKT applied the crack-bridging screed floor system Triflex ProDeck system, variant 1. With the Triflex CPS-I + system, MKT waterproofed the entire surface of the intermediate deck. Finally, the ramps were finished with the Triflex ProDeck system, variant 3 as they must be resistant to high mechanical loads.

The Appearance

Interior of empty parking garage showing red walkway for pedestrians and pink family space

Colors give a parking garage a nice appearance, therefore, we opted for bright colors at the parking facility in Capelle aan den IJssel. Walking strips were included in a contrasting color, not only for appearance but also for safety. And family parking spaces are now bright pink and close to the exit, so families do not have to walk through the entire garage. The materials used also ensure safety: the systems are fully sanded in, which makes them anti-slip and wear-resistant.

The Result

On Friday 26 October 2018, Mayor Oskam of Capelle aan den IJssel opened the two-layer parking garage that will last for 10 to 15 years. The colors and materials used give the garage its own identity and contribute to safety.

The new parking garage with 218 parking spaces has ramps and a top deck located outside. In addition to regular parking spaces, special target group locations and charging points have been included. With the addition of this garage, the total number of places - including on-street spaces - now comes to 1181.

About Triflex

Triflex is the leading European specialist in liquid waterproofing products and cold plastics. Our Triflexhigh-quality systems provide reliable and lasting solutions for waterproofing roofs, balconies and parking decks. In addition, we prove our technology leadership time and again with a whole range of special solutions. Triflex markings set the standard on roads and cycle paths, in factories and multi-storey car parks. 
We deliver individual solutions worldwide from our production facilities in Minden, Germany. We can boast more than 40 years of experience in the market. Reliability, focus on service and innovation are the values we work by every day in our customers’ interest.


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