Umojo: NexCity: Case Study-Arlington County, VA

- Arlington County, Virginia, US
Arlington strives to address the evolving needs of its residents and businesses by optimizing curb usage, enhancing safety, and improving overall urban mobility.

Arlington located in Northern Virginia, has a population of approx. 240,000 residents and sits in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. With its roadways maintained and operated by the Virgina Department of Transportation (VDOT), Arlington strives to address the evolving needs of its residents and businesses by optimizing curb usage, enhancing safety, and improving overall urban mobility.

Project Description

Through its Innovation and Technology Transport Fund (ITTF), VDOT is piloting a system in Arlington County that will allow the modification of parking rates based on fluctuating supply and demand. The system includes technology to detect parking space occupancy, integrated with the existing payment methods, and applies dynamic pricing for 4,563 metered on-street spaces and three off-street, paid-parking facilities in the two major Metrorail corridors of Arlington. The project’s goal is to improve the user experience by:

  • Making metered parking spaces more available, more often
  • Sharing useful information about parking options in real time
  • Reducing the negative impacts associated with the search for metered
  • parking (cruising, double parking, etc.)

systemProject Implementation

The project was initiated in July of 2023 with the initial phase focused on measuring the baseline occupancy, violations, and historical trends. This baseline will be used for future comparative purposes. During this phase of
the project, Umojo’s NexCity Solution integrated with the in-place digital payment platform, two different meter hardware systems, in-ground parking sensor technology, and the existing County ITS camera infrastructure. The data collected established the required baseline and utilized the NexCity camera AI platform to identify and measure parking violations or overstays. The overstays are highlighted below in RED to signify a violation

Project Umojo

Project Results

While still in the early stages of the program, Arlington has already seen marked improvement in
visibility into revenue, supply/demand, and paid parking compliance data. All this data is aggregated across 3rd party vendors and city generated data and viewed via a single pane-of-glass dashboard. Additionally, The NexCity Platform provides the City deep analysis and automated recommendations to optimize curb utilization policy based on the real-time and historical data trends.

Graphic Info

Using on-street sensors and connecting to the NexCity platform, Arlington can comprehensively track transactions and assess payment compliance, in order to see where enhanced enforcement is needed.

Graphic Info

NexCity allows the Arlington team more accurate financial planning through advanced, on-street revenue forecasting across their entire curb inventory.

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Arlington Admins are able to aggregate all third party vendor data into one dashboard
for easy revenue and performance reporting, with drill down specificity.

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The City admins have a significantly more accurate accounting of on-street parking transactions across their portfolio to fuel better utilization decisions and gauge supply vs. demand in the urban core.

About Umojo

Umojo is a leading platform provider of mobility technology, omnichannel contact center operations, data analytics, and network security to drive operational excellence and superior customer experience for the Mobility Industry. The Umojo Nexus Platform powers the core of all Umojo solutions, and harnesses deep expertise to allow municipalities, parking operators, and businesses to better serve their customers and citizens. Using the most accurate camera AI, and integrations with everyone in the industry, Umojo can provide unmatched insights and controls to on and off-street parking and mobility.


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