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The Consiglio Regionale del Lazio is one of the most important institutions in Rome. The county council is in charge of over 200 off-street parking spaces all located within an outdoor parking lot close to the council.

Every day, hundreds of Romans flock to Consiglio Regionale del Lazio to get their paperwork done, most go by car to reach the place located on the city outskirts. On most days, visitors and employees arrive at the same time. Because employees occupy a large number of parking spots, visitors leave their cars in no-parking zones which creates chaos around the Consiglio Regionale del Lazio. Most drivers doubt they will find a free spot within the outdoor parking lot and try to avoid losing time by parking on surrounding streets. This is why the agency responsible for providing a smart solution, Helian, a partner of Dimensionesolare Group, chose the Worldsensing off-street parking management solution.


Fastprk appHelian and Worldsensing teamed up to analyze how to best solve the parking issue around the Via della Pisana, the street the council is located on. Together, the partners encountered a solution which they called: “make parking easier”. It is comprised of 195 sensors installed in parking spaces within the off-street parking lot, 2 electronic street panels which transmit real-time information and an app that guides drivers to free spaces via GPS. In addition, 16 sensors were installed in no-parking zones where drivers used to double park along with another 5 sensors in disabled parking spaces and 2 sensors in electric vehicle spaces. In total, the city installed 218 flush-mounted sensors which transmit information to only 1 gateway. This is possible due to long-range LoRa gateway technology allowing to connect the parking lot with the parking control center in real time.


The Parking Management System Fastprk has helped the Consiglio Regionale del Lazio to gain control over the once chaotic zone. Visitors to and employees of the Consiglio Regionale del Lazio now enjoy a more positive parking experience by being able to use an app to find a spot faster. Double parked cars blocking the streets around the council are also a burden of the past: parking wardens receive a real-time alert as soon as the system detects a vehicle in a no-parking area. Even before visitors get out of their cars, wardens can now guide them to a free spot.

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