"Marktgarage" In Maastricht (NL)

The Market-Meuse Project is a major urban redevelopment project that will greatly expand Maastrichts main shopping area, promote the smooth flow of traffic and offer the Citys civil servants much better offices than they have had up to now. The project covers buildings situated around a square that will join the Market to the banks of the Meuse. A car park will be constructed underneath this complex.

Top car park

The new Marktgarage is part of the Parking PPP (public-private partnership between Q-Park and the City of Maastricht) and will be owned by Q-Park. A luxurious appearance, practical lay-out and innovative technology will make the new Marktgarage one of Europe’s top car parks.


· 1150 parking spaces
· Optimal pedestrian access with escalators and lifts
· Optimal accessibility
· Column-free span and diagonal parking spaces for parking ease
· Deluxe finish
· Optimal safety
· Unique traffic routing via Maasboulevard tunnel

The car park will have an added attraction in the form of a small museum of antique toy cars.


Construction of the car park commenced in the spring of 2003. The new facility is scheduled to open in mid-2004. The old Marktgarage in Gubbelstraat will be demolished at that point.