Circontrol is a spanish manufacturer since 1997, providing efficiency solutions for the parking and the security industry. Own technology, certified laboratories and a R+D+innovation team in constant evolution. ISO 9001 and part of Circutor Group.
The parking guidance system CIRPARK is nowadays one of the most installed solution in more than 150 car parks. The innovative recharging station for electric vehicles CIRCARLIFE is becoming a standard to recharge the batteries of new EV car generation.


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headquarter is strategically located into a innovation area in Barcelona. With a number of about 50 employees,  Circontrol has actually presence in more than 26 countries in 4 continents with efficiency solutions for car parks. The group owns 5 factories in Spain and 2 abroad (Bangalore and Czech Republic). Our focus has always been directed at offering our clients quality products, that is why we make a constant effort to maintain a high standard in all our products, improving the existing processes and implementing new practices.
We work to design and manufacturing Certification Standard ISO9001 across our product range. We have a laboratory test facility with EMC/EMI calibration and verification, weather and climate chambers where we subject all our products to rigorous tests to ensure the quality and compliance with industry standards
Circontrol has two product divisions:
Parking division:
         - Parking Guidance Systems (CIRPARK)
         - Recharging Station for Electric Vehicles (CIRCARLIFE)
         - Intelligent LED Lighting system (LEDPARK)
Security division:
       - Fire Detection Systems.(CIRFIRE)
       - Access Control and Presence (CIRACCESS)

CIRPARK - Bay monitoring system


is a powerful and modern system for single bay monitoring which main objective is to provide a friendly environment to the user and to provide tools to the operator to get an optimum management of their parking facilities. CIRPARK is the leading company in the field of bay monitoring thanks to our large experience in the industry (more than 150 car parks), a very simple system structure, product with 99.9% accuracy on detection and the best technical support as background to our clients.
The system includes ultrasonic sensors, standard or VMS displays, concentrator and a powerful software SCADA that can make the system working offline as standalone or online.
The main features are:
- 3rd generation ultrasonic sensor
- Standalone concentrator (no master or slave)
- FUD (fake ultrasonic detection) technology
- Quicker and Easier bay finder option (led blinking when free bay)
- Most simple system structure in the market
- SCADA software (server + multi remote client)
- XML and OPC server for interfacing kit
- Interface with LEDpark - LED lighting
- LEDpark adjustable lighting according car occupancy
- Integrated with EV charging stations
- More than 150 car parks worlwide
- Energy parameters and saving monitored

CIRCARLIFE - Recharging station for electric vehicles

Circarlife Product Range.JPGA combination of historical experience mixed with modern technologies lead to the development of the new system for recharging electric vehicles
With a strong background of our parent company with a 35-year history in the energy efficiency systems arena, and Circontrol knowledgment of RFID technology ; in 2008 we started to develop a solution that blended our expertise, creating a vehicle recharging system.
The Circarlife is a range of solution to recharge stations for EV, controlling the charge for the electricity fee with RFID.
CirCarLife is designed to provide intelligent electric vehicle recharge management with a standard charging method  (230Vac-16A) and fast charging method (400Vac-63A).
Recharging can be achieved in car parks with recharging boxes and onstreet with bollards. 
It has a built-in antitheft system so energy cannot be stolen by simply moving the charging cable from one car to another. Additionally, the system is connected to a software network that is able to manage and meter the energy to be provided to the cars by monitoring the network and balances the electricity to all the cars that are connected and filtering any interference created into the grid.

was officially launched in September 2009 and since then, many cities has accepted our system as their standard.
Circarlife is nominated at Innovation Awards at Intertraffic.

LEDpark - Intelligent LED lighting system

LED lighting LEDpark.jpg
Circontrol has developed a new interface between the guidance system and the lighting system, with the aim of providing tools to parking operators to get optimum efficiency and economy in the parking facilities.
The LEDpark system is worlwide pioneer with a new concept of lighting through LED technology, integrated with the parking guidance system and the same tray, so it provides the car park a better image and a more pleasant environment for the users, the notion of comfort and an important cost reduction in energy expenses

By installing LED lighting together with guidance systems it provides:
- Comfort feeling in the parking lot.
- Optimum use of lighting, depending on the occupation of parking the brightness is regulated. Ecological system.
- INNOVATION, transmits to the user the concept of parking Innovative, technologically advanced.
- Customer loyalty, due to the focus on systems that provide a new concept of parking, clean, little noisy, cleaner and with the feeling of being at home.
- Energy reduction up to 60% of cost in electricity.
- Cost reduction of maintenance, installation, etc..

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