ComWIN 3.0 Web Client

Act quickly and flexibly ‒ any time, anywhere.ComWIN Web Client by Commend

Simply start your Web Client ‒ that is all that’s needed to turn any work desk into a fully functional Intercom control desk. That’s because the ComWIN Web Client lets you add a clean, easy-to-use visualisation interface to your usual desktop Intercom terminal with audio connection. No need for extra software or user trainings.

Instead of having to punch in cryptic codes, you can work with convenient, clearly structured lists. All relevant information is presented to you at a glance, allowing you to prioritise and answer calls and forward them as needed while keeping an eye on visual information provided via CCTV links. If required, you can even control external equipment such as doors or barrier gates right from within your ComWIN Web Client on your terminal.

A common browser and network connection is all you need to expand any Intercom station into an effective and efficient control desk. This way, you can get the most from your Intercom terminal at a minimum of resources.

Here are the simple steps to get your ComWIN 3 Web Client going:

  1. Once you have installed the central ComWIN Web Server, you have immediate access to all Intercom Server information from any connected terminal.
  2. All Web Clients can be centrally configured with maximum ease at minimum effort. Simply define your required structure, import the Intercom elements, perform a final test and ‒ you’re done!
  3. The optimised user interface ensures ultimate ease of use for the full range of features and functions.
  4. There is no need to install any additional software at the work desk. A common HTML5-capable browser is all that is needed to start working straight away, without any functional limitations.

This means you get a solution that is instantly ready for action while lowering your engineering and maintenance expenses by 75%. What is more, you can scale your control desks to your needs, which enables you to suit your system’s performance to the level of demand. As a result, you can always offer optimum service while still keeping your costs at a minimum.

ComWIN WebClient by Commend

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ComWIN 3.0 in detail

ComWIN 3.0 comes with four helpful tools to help you make the most of your leading-edge Intercom service:

  • ComWIN Web Client
  • Style Guide
  • Default Project
  • OPC

Fast, secure, easy to use: ComWIN Web Client

A display and an HTML5-capable browser ‒ that is all you need to start benefitting from perfect overviews and short reaction times. No need for local software configuration. No matter which browser or operating system you are using, your required data are always right at your fingertips.

Even complex Intercom information is pre-structured and delivered in a clean, list-based interface layout. No cryptic codes to decipher ‒ all information is presented in the form of plain text and logical actions. What is more, event-based actions will automatically switch the display to the required view.

This way, you can answer calls without delay, forward them as necessary, receive complementary video images, and even control third-party equipment such as door actuators, barrier gates, etc.

Stylishly useful: The Style Guide

ComWIN now provides a simple, convenient way of deploying easily and intuitively usable control desk applications. Designed to inspire and support you with helpful advice and usability-optimised samples, the Style Guide helps you design everything from well-structured information to perfectly designed user interfaces with plan views, dialogues and navigation elements. Your applications provide extensive support to users while minimising the possibility of incorrect operation. This means less training effort and higher service quality.

ComWIN Web Client by Commend

Take off straight away into the world of ComWIN 3 ‒ with the Default Project

Your first project made easy. The ComWIN 3 Default Project supports the new design standard and helps you develop your first project in record time. You can work with ready-made routines that you can easily modify to suit your individual requirements.  This way, you are able to deploy modern Intercom control desks with superior usability while keeping development costs and time to market at a minimum.

ComWIN Web Client by Commend

Always well connected, thanks to OPC

ComWIN makes it easy to integrate other systems or provide ComWIN’s powerful feature set to other solutions. This is all made possible by OPC.

OPC Client – Your connection expert

With the new OPC Client, ComWIN provides full support of a widely used standard for fast and easy integration with other systems. This way, OPC helps you make the most of your Intercom system in terms of performance and service. As a result, you can easily access external systems and facilities, and control parking equipment, heating systems or automated door access mechanisms. OPC objects are shown as icons on the ComWIN user interface plans, ready to be accessed with a simple mouse click.

ComWIN 3 Web Client ‒ Main features at a glance:

  • Fast implementation of easy-to-use control desks consisting of a desktop station, gooseneck microphone, monitor, and Web Client.
  • Easy to configure and use, enables quick reaction to calls and quick return on investment.
  • No training required.
  • Visual interaction instead of text codes.
  • Full multi-client capability allows for operating and processing several Web Clients and a caller list simultaneously.
  • Easy to update via the central server.
  • Full access from the convenience of the usual work desk. ComWIN control desk settings can be applied as needed throughout the system.

About CommendCommend

Commend develops and manufactures Security and Communication systems for protection of people, buildings and values. The Commend International GmbH was founded in 1971 and is one of the world’s largest providers of Intercom Systems.

Currently about 150 employees are stationed in the headquarters in Salzburg; in the international partner network about 350 people are working together. The annual turnover 2012 was about €55 Mill., export rate 95%.