DESIGNA Parking fit for the future at the Queen Mary on the Alster

As you drive up to the car park at the Europa Passage everything seems just like it always has done. A car park entrance like any other. But then today the barrier opens all of a sudden as if by magic.
It isnt magic, though, but LPR License Plate Recognition and it is being used for the first time in Germany as a fully integrated parking management system in the underground car park of the Europa Passage shopping centre as part of a collaboration between the operator, Contipark, and DESIGNA. From now on the automatic license plate recognition system will enable the Europa Passage car parks many regular customers to enter and leave in a user friendly manner, ticket-free. The license plate recognition system also offers more security for customers, as the ticket information is linked to the license plate, meaning that it is only possible to leave in the same vehicle with which they entered. The advantages for the operator lie not only in the systems user friendliness, but also, in addition, LPR provides a platform for additional products, such as the use of a payment and reservation system.

Since the underground car parks completion two years ago, the parking system has been geared towards the needs of domestic and international day visitors. Our PM ABACUS system was supplied with high quality TFT displays from the very start, which show the operating instructions in an attractive, graphic form, adds DESIGNAs Sales Manager for Germany, Marten Jentsch. "A multilingual menu navigation and the ability to pay by credit card also make using the system even more simple and convenient, continues Jentsch.