Integrated and innovative car park management

Based on its proven car park management system the PARKMASTER 100, DESIGNA has developed a state-of-the art system with pioneering innovations which is compatible with the PARKMASTER 100: the PM ABACUS.
abacus1.jpgThe PM ABACUS sets new standards with regard to flexibility, user friendliness and ability of network. The consistent use of open hardware and software standards such as Ethernet, Linux , Microsoft Windows , SQL , Intel , and LEGIC ) provides for an unequaled level openness and transparence. The PM ABACUS is a future proven economic, optimally scalable solution and is ideal for all parking facility applications - whether large or small.

PM ABACUS uses for the Ethernet standard for data communication between the system components. Numerous interfacing and data transmitting medium options are available such as wireless LAN and fiber optic. Also very interesting is the ability to network over the Internet by means Virtual Private Network (VPN) which means that many systems can be networked together over long distances and indeed making world-wide networks a real possibility! The flexibility of the system architecture allows enhancements to be implemented without large expenditure.

The PM ABACUS software comprises of the open operating system Linux for terminal level function, Microsoft Windows applications are used to provide system administration and supervisory functionality together with the Microsoft SQL data base server for efficient access and safe storage of the system data.

Despite all its advancements, DESIGNA has gone to great lengths to insure that the PM ABACUS provides compatibility with the PARKMASTER 100 products. This means that the investments of existing operators of PARKMASTER 100 systems is guaranteed and a clear migration path to expand existing systems is available.

The System Components

Kasse_Models.jpgEntrance / Exit Control Terminals ENT / EXT 120
The entry or exit event is registered and a new data set is generated, if necessary. A ticket ist issued or withdrawn or depending on the chosen technology- a chip card is read.

Automatic Pay Station APS 120
The payment process is supported by an intuitive and convenient user interface in various currencies or cashless.

The Manual Pay Station MPS 120
For assisted payment, DESIGNA offers a convenient manual pay system as a PC or compact version.
Schranke_1.jpgBarrier PB 120
The ABACUS barrier features a compact design and high stability. Available with straight or articulated barrier arm.

Workstation / Database Server
A PC with a Windows operating system on which the DESIGNA software applications for the control and monitoring of the system are installed. The SQL database can be implemented either here or on a separate server.

Control Software

A number of carefully coordinated Windows based software modules provides the user with maximum control of the system and all available data. A Microsoft SQL server is used for central data storage with various interfaces.

The Data Control Center

Autonomously controls a group of devices within a parking area, independent of the status of the workstation.

The Network: open due to standards

PM ABACUS, due to its standardized and open structure, can be used for projects of any size. However, the special strength of the system becomes apparent in the expansion of large and complex systems. Because this is where the integration of additional or higher level technical systems plays a major role. Examples of this are video surveillance by the DESIGNA DEVIS technology and integration in a facility management system.

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