DESIGNA Ready to Support the Trends of 2021

DESIGNA's Industry Outlook for 2021

Digitalization and Cloud-Based Systems

Today’s parking customer has a different set of expectations and needs than just a few years ago. From smart cities and smart homes to an endless selection of apps, the Cloud is part of our daily lives. Customers rely on their smartphones for everything and increasingly for finding, evaluating, and booking parking.

DESIGNA is taking the lead as the parking industry adapts to the trend of digitalization and seamless, cloud-based Busy road in the modern city with skyscrappers in the backgroundsolutions. We were first to host parking solutions in the Cloud eleven years ago and continue to help parking operators reduce staff and invest in automation and digital control of their systems.

Our NEXT Solution leverages the new possibilities of digitalization in a scalable, cloud-based solution that is smarter, faster, and more profitable. The Software-as-a-Service model provides automatic software upgrades made with the release of new features or updates, without additional cost. The standardized, modular solution lets you easily add new extensions, capabilities, and features as needed, such as pre-booking, dynamic pricing, mobile ticket payment, and more. This standardized, modular solution also has the fastest implementation time in the industry – less than 4 weeks.

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Environmental Legislation and Other Regulation

Now that the US Presidency, House of Representatives, and Senate are all Democratic, we anticipate a wave of environmental legislation, policies, and regulation.

DESIGNA is ready to meet the new standards with our environment-friendly devices that feature some of the lowest power draw statistics in the industry. Also on the horizon are major changes to the Department of Transportation and EPA sectors. Look for substantial incentives for electric vehicle manufacturing and ownership, which will continue to change the landscape for parking assets across the country. DESIGNA USA will keep you updated on these evolving policies and bills.

Touchless Technology Modern parking meters standing behind each other in the parking garage

In 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic created an immediate need for touchless solutions in parking.

Although this technology already existed in a variety of forms, it became a must have feature for many facilities. As discussed in a previous edition, parker expectations will continue to evolve to reduce friction at all levels through features such as pre-booking and frictionless and ticketless parking, which provide more convenience and a better parking experience.

Although this trend gained momentum in 2020 due to the pandemic, the resulting innovations have become part of the parking customer’s permanent expectations.

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Ticketless Technology

Ticketless technology is gaining ground in the US. The paper ticket is becoming a thing of the past, with other means of identification such as license plates or smartphones gaining relevance and market demand.

Digitalization and frictionless technologies are making way for new ticketless solutions including license plate recognition (LPR) systems and Bluetooth technology-based apps that allow ticketless entry and exit using a smartphone or tablet.

So much is happening with ticketless technologies in the parking industry that this will be the focus for our February newsletter, coming soon to your inbox.

Data Analytics and Yield Management

The parking industry has become increasingly sophisticated about leveraging data to make better business decisions and more efficiently and accurately manage their parking operations. Data analytics are also critical for ensuring a positive customer experience. Data provides precise information regarding parking occupancy, average time to park, average time to exit, and more, for understanding and analysis of parking volume over time, enforcement, and the potential of implementing dynamic pricing.

Systematic yield management is also emerging in the parking industry. To maximize the profitability of your parking Blue increasing line graphasset, you should be prepared to scale prices according to changing market demand.

The DESIGNA SUITE Extension Dynamic Pricing projects revenue based on rate adjustments according to occupancy thresholds. The goal is the optimal use and revenue return of your parking spaces. It optimizes the performance of your asset and uses proven technology to create sustainable added value.

One important thing that puts DESIGNA above the competition: You own your data. We will never sell or use your confidential parking data.

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The Customer Journey

How do you deliver the best customer experience for your parkers and communicate with them throughout their parking journey? Achieving these goals is one of our driving forces and we have a proven track record of exceeding expectations. For many vertical markets, the parking customer experience is the top trend driving system upgrade decisions.

Three parking machines standing next to each other in white space

Customers want the same frictionless and stress-free experience for parking as they have when utilizing other mobile apps, and our DESIGNA SUITE Extensions can provide pre-booking with online payment, mobile ticket payment, guidance, and more. Our award-winning devices feature digital displays that can show video or static images with advertising, guidance, space availability, rates, or promotional messages for your customers. Controlling the content is done remotely through the system in an easy-to-use interface.

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Mobility and Smart Cities

Many industries will be impacted by the significant changes predicted for mobility, and parking is certainly one of them, especially in cities that welcome visitors, residents, commuters, tourists, shoppers, and business people every day. These people are necessary to a prospering city, which needs to accommodate growth and keep the convenience factor high for their stakeholders and audiences.

No two cities are the same - their needs are different and complex. At DESIGNA we provide flexible parking management systems in combination with server management and connectivity with e-commerce applications. Through our secure Cloud system, a city’s parking facilities can be connected to one central server, networking with each other and communicating to parkers via a website and app.

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About DESIGNA Designa

DESIGNA USA is a subsidiary of DESIGNA Verkehrsleittechnik GmbH, Kiel, Germany. The company’s visionary standards have led to the development of innovative products and solutions for the parking management sector for more than 65 years.