SLIMPARK compact system solution

Optimal functionality, modern design and practical to use: SLIMPARK is a professional and cost-effective parking system that is specially tailored to the requirements of small car parks while still providing you with all of DESIGNAs technical expertise.

SLIMPARK Performance from DESIGNA

DESIGNA Verkehrsleittechnik GmbH (DESIGNA) is a worldwide leader in the
development, production and marketing of automatic parking systems. With over 6,000 installed systems, we are represented by sales partners and subsidiaries in more than 50 countries worldwide.

SLIMPARKs design and production incorporates the know-how accumulated over more than 30 years of working towards achieving one goal: fulfilling the wishes and requirements of our customers to the greatest possible degree.

Simple and efficient

Ready to start: SLIMPARK is extremely easy to use and requires minimal installation effort. This makes SLIMPARK the perfect solution for both car park users and operators.

Sometimes, less is more: the SLIMPARK system is limited to a low number of movable components. The advantage of this is that the costs of maintenance and replacement parts are considerably reduced. Overall you benefit from a lean system that provides high levels of quality and functionality.

High technological standards

Intelligent: SLIMPARK uses proven bar code technology. This technology is ideally suited to smaller car parks and is extremely reliable in processing both short-term parking tickets and season tickets.

Robust functionality: with the Microsoft operating system and SQL database as
well as the Linux operating system in the terminal equipment, SLIMPARK is based on tried and tested industrial standard equipment.

The use of Ethernet technology throughout provides for and ensures that the
individual components remain online continuously, offering a consistently high quality parking management system in real time.

SLIMPARK all you need!

SP_INS(small).jpgIN (entrance control terminal)
    • Powerful thermal printer for failure-free ticket issue
    • 60 mm wide and 80 to 100 mm long bar code tickets
    • Variable ticket length for customised use, such as for logos or additional information
    • User-friendly display guarantees convenient and effective handling
    • Bar code scanner or EasyMove* equipment for easy season ticket processing

OUT (exit control terminal)
    • Powerful bar code scanner for fast and failure-free ticket reading
    • Easy season ticket processing via bar code scanner or EasyMove* equipment
    • User-friendly display for convenient handling

GATE (barrier gate)
    • Microprocessor-controlled
    • Ideal complement to entrance and exit control terminal
    • Automatic brake optimisation for smooth operation
    • Precise barrier position determined via a sensor


SLIMPARK systematic high tech

CONTROL (system administration)
    • Powerful PC server
    • SQL database
    • Administration and monitoring via the SLIMOPERATE application for maximum control over the system

CASH (point of sale)
    • Ideal solution for central manual payment processing
    • Easy operation via a PC
    • Issuing of hotel tickets, lost tickets and single tickets

DISCO (discount system)
    • An easy and convenient way to administer fully auditable discounting
    • Administration and printing of bar code discount tickets with credits
    • Used at the automatic pay station or at the exit control terminal
    • Fast and convenient discount processing
SP pocket(strechted).jpg

PAY (automatic pay station)
  • Space saving design for practical wall mounting or for free-standing use
  • Bar code scanner for ticket reading and discount processing
  • Flexible methods of payment: accepts coins with options for bank notes, credit or debit cards
  • Receipt printer using thermal printing technology
  • User-friendly backlit display
  • Issuing of lost or replacement tickets
  • contactless access using transponder technology