Designa: Ticketless Parking Solution for Cost-Effective and Convenient Parking Management

Designa Showcase Ticketless Parking System

Designa Introduces the Next Logical Step in Parking Management: The Ticketless Parking System

The traditional practice of managing parking facilities with barrier systems involves the use of tickets: When entering, a ticket is taken, which is then usually paid for at a pay station before exiting, and inserted at the exit terminal to open the barrier. The ticket serves as a customer-specific identification feature, ultimately for determining the parking fee.

Ticket-free parking makes the paper ticket obsolete and thus offers a multitude of advantages for both the operator of the parking facility and the parking customer. DESIGNA offers sophisticated systems that enable ticketless parking for providers and customers in a simple, secure, and cost-optimized manner.

Significant Cost-Saving Opportunities for Operators:

Parking garage operators or parking lot operators can realize a considerable savings potential if they take the step towards ticket-free parking. Installing a parking facility that relies exclusively on ticketless parking eliminates the need for lane devices at entry and exit for ticket issuance and collection, as well as a costly point-of-sale system.

Running costs are also reduced: no tickets are required, so the purchasing and disposal costs that would otherwise be incurred are eliminated. Service and support costs for the corresponding devices are eliminated. Ticketless parking is therefore also automatically more resource-efficient, at a time when environmental aspects are playing an increasingly important role for drivers as well.

Parking Customers Enjoy Convenient Parking:

The user of a parking garage or parking facility that operates ticketless also experiences a considerable gain in convenience: entries and exits are considerably accelerated, which shortens waiting times in front of the barrier even during peak periods. Customers no longer have to spend an inconvenient amount of time in the event of a lost ticket - this is no longer possible due to the lack of tickets. The operator also saves money in the support area as a result of this omission.

If parking registration is completely converted to online payment, customers also save time spent going to the pay station. For the operator, this eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly cash handling. Both short-term parkers and long-term parkers benefit significantly from the switch to ticket-free parking.

Technical Aspects of the Ticketless Solution:

State-of-the-art license plate recognition with cameras from renowned suppliers make ticketless by DESIGNA possible. And the installation of front AND rear cameras makes the system almost fail-proof as bent, lost, or heavily soiled license plate post less of a challenge.

The DESIGNA Ticketless Solution is designed as a parking technology that can be upgraded from fully gated to semi-gated or zero-gated in later stages. This means full flexibility for the parking management system. For example, only one barrier with or without lane devices can remain at the exit - but be omitted at the entrance. The cameras take over the recognition work. Operation without an entry and exit barrier is also possible*, but then has higher requirements in the tracking of correct payment. This allows parking traffic to flow even more freely.

Proven Concept:

The “Gesellschaft für Beteiligungen und Parken in Bad Kreuznach mbH“ in Bad Kreuznach, Germany is already running a ticketless system and is convinced of the benefits it creates. Stefan Butzbach, Parking Coordinator, notes how ticketless parking is moving Bad Kreuznach in the right direction to becoming a smart city:

Ticketless parking is a pioneering step for us (the Kreuznach municipal utility group) in the context of digitalization. Thanks to license plate recognition at the entrance and exit of our Jahnhalle parking lot, downtown Kreuznach is increasingly becoming a smart city - in line with our mission statement 'We simplify mobility'. We see great potential in this innovative project for future parking concepts as a timely offer for users".

"With the help of this technology, we can reduce maintenance costs and the use of consumables in the long term. Due to the novel parking system and the new experiences associated with it, we have additionally installed barriers at the entrance and exit as well as intercoms on-site in coordination with our service provider DESIGNA. This is very important to us, to offer our customers this service of personal contact".

"DESIGNA has also supported us with data processing so that we can offer the system in a secure and audited manner in terms of data protection. We are very confident that this system will become established in Bad Kreuznach and that the pilot project can serve as a recommendation for other cities.”

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