Ensto Chago for international automotive testing at the Arctic Driving Center

The privately owned Arctic Driving Center (ADC), situated north of the Arctic circle in Finland, has over 30 years of experience in automotive testing in extreme climate conditions with international automobile partners. Six Ensto Chago Station charging stations were installed inside the main car hall with connection to Ensto Chago Master, a central master unit, and Ensto Chago Server management software.

Ensto Chago automotive testing Arctic Driving Center

Our vehicle charging solution is a result of very nice cooperation. We chose Ensto Chago because of the flexible service offered”, says Tarmo Kuusela Managing Director of Arctic Driving Center. Ensto solution includes vehicle specific monitoring of the charging stations. This is a stand-alone system where, in addition to electricity output, each station is connected to a central distribution center and to a computer by a network cable.

System description

Ensto Chao system description

Privacy and confidentiality of testing are of high priority and one of the critical requirements of ADC was that the system should support easy and secure test reporting. Ensto Chago solution was able to provide for this challenge with Excel compatible reporting that includes both vehicle and charging station specific information, for example charging times, electricity consumption and load times. After testing, the system can be securely cleared of all confidential information.

Ensto Chago Master and Ensto Chago Server

Ensto Chago Master

offers an economical and easy-to-implement solution for controlling small local installations of 5 to 20 EV charging points. It works as well in public parking garages as in corporate and residential parking spaces.

Web based charging point management software

for small systems with less than 100 charging points. Functions include user management, charging point management, event logging, reports on charged energy, fault alarms and reports. Compatible with EVC charging stations.

About Ensto

Ensto is a family business and international cleantech company specializing in the development, manufacture and marketing of electrical systems and supplies for the distribution of electrical power as well as electrical applications. We are committed to lasting sustainable development and our goal is to be the worlds leading company in green energy efficiency and distribution. Our products, manufactured in
seven different countries, are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and leave a minimum carbon footprint.

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