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EvoCharge Lets You Choose

EvoCharge is a major hardware provider of electric vehicle charging solutions and cable management systems in North America. Founded in 2009, we are dedicated to providing Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) hardware with true Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) for easy integration with a non-proprietary network that is safe and reliable.

EvoCharge is a major hardware provider of electric vehicle charging solutions and cable management  systems in North America.The popularity of electronic car charging stations is skyrocketing as electric vehicle (EV) usage continues to grow at a rapid pace. The surge away from vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE) has left many entrepreneurs considering the future, wondering how they can capitalize on electric car charging stations to attract employees and customers who drive EVs or as a business opportunity to generate passive income.

There are many drivers who are unable to effectively charge their EV at home due to slow charging speeds or them forgetting to power up. Most drivers who do charge at their residence use a Level 1 charger, which is what comes standard with the purchase of an EV. Level 2 aftermarket solutions, like the ones offered by EvoCharge, power up as much as 8x faster than Level 1 chargers.

EvoCharge Lets You Choose

An Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) charging station doesn’t require using a specific network to work and it can be networked through any available provider in your area or through your utilities company. EvoCharge’s iEVSE and iEVSE Plus charging stations are both true OCPP units that allow you to connect through network partners.

The biggest benefit of true OCPP is that you are in control of selecting the network or managing the connection to your charging stations. Unlike non-OCPP systems or those that are not true OCPP, a true OCPP charging station allows you to choose a local network provider or change that provider. This is especially handy as EV networks grow and new providers become available or cease to exist; the worst thing that could happen is that the network that your charging station is connected to goes out of business and it’s no longer usable because it could only be configured through that network. With a true OCPP station, it can be configured with a new network even if the network you’re connected to goes out of business.

EvoCharge offers three levels of connectivity: non-networked, WiFi, and 4G LTE

EvoCharge offers three levels of connectivity: non-networked, WiFi, and 4G LTE. All EvoCharge charging stations are easy to mount to the wall via mounting bracket (included) or on a pedestal. Keep charging areas safe and clean with one of our cable management solutions.

Use our online station builder tool to get a customized recommendation that fulfills your charging needs.

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Smart EV Charging

The EvoCharge iEVSE Plus is the perfect smart electric vehicle (EV) charger for public parking spaces. Allow user access with the built-in RFID card reader and manage multiple EV charging stations through your choice of third-party network service providers. Don’t have access to a strong WiFi signal? Connect with 4G-LTE.

  • WiFi or 4G-LTE enabled to connect your station(s) to your local utility company and network
  • provider to monitor charging
  • RFID card reader
  • Universal SAE J1772 charger works with all EVs and PHEVs (Tesla with adapter)
  • NEMA 4 rated for indoor and outdoor use
  • Safety certified as UL/cUL listed
  • LED indicator display to view current output and WiFi status

Allow Access Via RFID

RFID technology makes allowing access or tracking usage of your charging stations easy. This is a great option for hospitality, healthcare, and workplace properties to give guest and employee access to charging (free or paid).

Allow Access Via RFID

Easily Manage Multiple Charging Stations

Local Load Management (LLM) allows you to balance the electrical load of up to 20 charging stations at a time using your building’s existing electrical panel power capacity. LLM allows full control over how your charging stations work together and individually, optimizing performance and maximizing savings.

There are two ways in which load-sharing electrical chargers will provide a steady stream of electricity to the stations: equally distributed or first in, first charged.

With equally distributed load sharing, each of the EV chargers will get the same amount of electricity depending on how many amps are available and how many stations are being used. Using the example of the electrical panel that provides 80 amps and four 40-amp chargers, each charger will distribute 20 amps, providing an even load between the four. If one were to leave, each would begin distributing 26 amps.

With first in, first charged load sharing, distribution of electricity to the EV chargers would depend on when it began. The first of the four charging stations would charge its electric vehicle at full capacity while the second vehicle would get as much electricity as it could with what was still available. If that vehicle is able to reach full capacity with electricity to spare, that spare electricity would charge the third vehicle. Once the first vehicle leaves, the electrical load it was using would move to the third vehicle and any spare electricity would begin to charge the fourth vehicle.

Charge Safely

The National Electrical Manufacturer Association (NEMA) is a standard rating that defines the type of environments in which electrical enclosures can be used. NEMA 4 rating provides protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against falling dirt and dust, and allows the station to work normally between -22°F and 122°F (-30°C to 50°C). It also provides a degree of protection from the harmful effects due to water, rain, sleet, snow, splashing water and hose directed water. The charging station will also withstand the external formation of ice on the enclosure. EvoCharge stations are also UL rated and OSHA and ADA compliant. Keep charging areas clear, safe, and accessible with pedestal/bollard and cable management options.

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Multiple Charging Stations

About EvoCharge EvoCharge

EvoCharge, founded in 2009, represents one of North America’s original vehicle electrification providers and pioneer of home and commercial charging solutions. As an industry leader in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and cable management solutions, EvoCharge provides the most reliable, safe, and cost-effective charging stations and the industry leading EvoReel® cable management system for single family, multi-family, workplace, and other commercial spaces. EvoCharge products are fully compatible with all EV and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) sold throughout the United States and Canada. EvoCharge is a brand of Phillips and Temro Industries®, a trusted partner to major global OEMs and aftermarket provider of engineered systems for automotive, trucking and off-road vehicles for over 100 years. Learn more about EvoCharge at evocharge.com.