Cloud-Based Parking Is Now Available with HUB Parking Technology

Cloud-Based Parking Is Now Available

Since January 30th, 2021 the very first parking installation that relies on our own cloud is up and running. It is the Certosa di Pavia, a tourist site located in the north of Italy that is equipped with Jupiter hardware, managed with JMS software, and powered by Amazon Web Services.

Cloud-based platforms have become a standard across all industries. Everything we do today runs on the cloud: storage of pictures, videos, and memories, then social media, on to domotics, banking services, and much more. As consumer habits shift, mobility evolves, and parking too: operators who run multiple facilities require tools to optimize the maintenance, overview, monitoring, and overall operations of their sites, from a single source – with technology that is actually configurable to their needs.

This starts from a simple approach that offers scalability, redundancy, and easy maintenance without a local server infrastructure. In fact, the IT costs become an extremely low opex: operators avoid paying for the physical machines and for renewing them after a few years, nor shall they worry about their back-up and software updates. The cloud - in our case, JMS on cloud - is doing it all!

Since its early days, JMS was designed with an open architecture, multiple integration possibilities, and a multi-tenant approach from a single source. It is the ideal brains for parking stations at standalone car parks, as well as for a network of many. To keep up with the evolution of parking and mobility habits, it is now fully available on the cloud to guarantee even further convenience and operational benefits.

Following on from the debut at Certosa di Pavia in Italy, JMS on cloud is being commissioned within urban parking in Malta, early March. The site layout is similar: all of the field stations are connected to the cloud with a simple router. The operator avoids the need to maintain any local server infrastructure, or to worry about the update of local virtual machines: they access the system from an internet-connected device of choice and get the full benefits of back-up and redundancy of the cloud, care of JMS, and Amazon Web Services.

We are deeply proud of the teams that have accomplished the task of testing, proofing, and ultimately delivering JMS on cloud. Congratulations to Luigi Carparelli, Enrico Filippi, Matteo Riva, Simone Sandri, Simone Saravalli, Alessandro Vermellino, and of course HUB’s entire R&D team.

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