HUB Parking Technology

HUB Parking Technology

With almost 50 years experience, FAAC is a world leader in the automation industry. Together with parking experts Zeag and Datapark we introduce a new parking personality, HUB Parking Technology, encompassing all three brands to provide a parking offering that is second to none.

Over the years our companies have innovated, separately and together, to develop parking systems that make parking a pleasure for users as well as profitable and easy to manage for operators.

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HUB Parking Technology is an international manufacturer of Parking Revenue Control Systems with direct worldwide access to the parking market. Through its local Group companies and distributors it is represented in all five continents and more specifically in North & South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.
HUB Parking Technology has manufacturing plants in Italy and Bulgaria.

HUB Parking Technology - reliabilty and durability

HUB Parking Technology - pay on foot

HUB Parking Technology - ZeagThe ZEAG product brand has a worldwide reputation for reliability and durability. This facilitates lower total costs of ownership in maintenance, upgrades and guaranteed system performance also if a machine is down. Consequently the level of system availability is unbeatable.

The product design is highly adaptable to meet customer’s requirements. We can match your corporate identity colors, representing an individual appearance style in your car park by applying any RAL color you like to the housing and the front panel.

The ZEAG-OrionXR, in combination with our ZEAG Management System, is a modular design and construction that can be scaled to meet the demands of any size of parking facility. We provide systems that work stand-alone for the smaller sized car parks with straight forward requirements. We can also scale our solutions to provide fully networked online ZEAG Management System with multi-site, ‘citywide’ or ‘countrywide’ facilities with 200 plus peripherals to satisfy high-end customer needs.

HUB Parking Technology - world's leading designer

Our management system is applicable for a single PC installation or enlarged to the most demanding client-server structure resulting in a state-of-art parking solution with multi-site connectivity. A multitude of sites in various locations can be networked and operated centrally. The open database structure allows simple and fast integrations of complementary 3rd party products and solutions.

The product name ZEAG is synonymous with a long-standing reputation for backwards compatibility. Our equipment is extremely reliable and it is feasible to combine several product generations within a single site. This allows you to maintain your existing car park equipment while taking advantage of the latest software features ... protecting your investment!

HUB Parking Technology - Datapark

The DATAPARK product offers a wide range of field-proven and efficiency equipment and software packages ready to suit most parking operator requirements. In addition we can custom design all aspects of the product range to provide a system to meet the requirements and specification of any proposed project.

The DATAPARK Parking Management software integrates fully with our own state of the art hardware completing a package that can radically improve the control and management of any parking location.

The DATAPARK Parking Management software runs on MS-Windows operating systems and is able to manage single and multiple facilities with equal ease.

The overall system design provides management and revenue control of all kinds of authorized entry, exit and payment media.

The DATAPARK Software Parking Management System provides effective patron and financial statistics at all operational and management levels. The controls and reporting are readily accessible through a network or via a modem.

HUB Parking Technology - three brands

HUB Parking Technology - FAAC

The FAAC Parkplus product range is the ideal solution for small and medium size parking systems.

Innovative and modern it provides ergonomically designed terminals that are easy to use by parking customers. The backlit display provides readily understandable information. The system is simple to install and operate while at the same time offering a high level of performance.

Designed to be a cost-effective system with low operating costs it is based on simple but advanced mechanical modules along with highly reliable electronics.

Customer maintenance of the system is very simple. Cleaning and the replacement of parts, adjustment or maintenance work, requires no special technical knowledge. This makes FAAC Parkplus highly user friendly even for less experienced operators.

The system uses a new technology 2D barcode printed onto the short stay parking ticket. The 2D barcode provides redundancy in the coding, which allows the reading of tickets even if the ticket has been damaged or is missing a part of the code. RFID proximity cards or long range tags to allow fast access for season parkers.

Low running costs are achieved by not reprinting the ticket when payment is made at the Automatic or Manual Pay Stations.

The system communication is based on standard networks (RS485 or TCP/IP LAN) between the Entry, Exit and Payment stations and the Parking Management PC.

The software, developed to run with MS-Windows operating systems, is designed for use by non-specialist staff and brilliantly combines ease of use with innovative performance.