HUB’s Newest Case Study: Unveiling Advanced Automated Parking System in Matera

Parking Sant'Isidoro is a new-generation facility in the center of Matera, the main city in the Italian region of Basilicata. The garage is in one of the areas with the highest traffic density in the city.

Problem Statement

Parking Sant'Isidoro is a new-generation facility in the center of Matera, the main city in the Italian region of Basilicata. The garage is in one of the areas with the highest traffic density in the city.

entry and exit lanes at Parking Sant'Isidoro with Jupiter stations and barrierIt offers 311 paid parking spaces to occasional users (tourists) and season ticket holders (mostly residents who live in the area), totaling over 2000 transits per week.

The parking owner is a private business whose goal was to create a top-of-the line facility with excellent service, stunning architecture, and high-quality technology: lighting, static signage to guide the user, a sound system, as well as a roof garden, and a restaurant on the top of the building. The vision was to blend ancient and modern styles, while making the parking lot available to clients and the external space accessible to everyone.

Inside the parking


Matera is one of the oldest cities in the world, with a rich heritage of historical and cultural testimonies. Its unique architecture, its rocky landscapes, its traditions and events earned the city to be included by UNESCO in the list of World Heritage Sites.

The city attracts thousands of visitors every year, generating a lot of movement in all the streets and parking facilities.

A location like Sant’Isidoro is the perfect combination of modernity and urban regeneration, allowing to stop just a few steps away from the city center in total safety and tranquility, offering two multi-storey areas and a shuttle service to the main attractions like the Sassi and the City Center. The facility is built to respect the architectural constraints of the city, which was elected European Capital of Culture in 2019

Client Requirements

  • Management of occasional users and registered users, with the possibility of converting the occasional access ticket into a subscription at the automated pay station
  • Intercom integrated into each peripheral for lane assistance, with direct call to the control room
  • Integration with CCTV video surveillance
  • Integration with video guidance system and FindMyCar functionality
  • Private control room with 3 clients (video surveillance, management system, video guidance) and dedicated staff
  • Automatic checkout with digital payment options
  • Possibility of purchasing the ticket for the shuttle bus at the pay on foot pay station
  • Pedestrian access reader for entry with ticket on time not manned by staff
  • Remote and on-site assistance with a HUB Italia technician
  • Provision for booking a parking space, with access via QR code reader at the entry stations


HUB Italia presented an optimal automated parking control solution to meet the needs of both the client and its users.

The Jupiter and JMS system seamlessly align with the client's quest for an aesthetically pleasing solution, offering a compact yet stylish and essential station thanks to its colors and design.

This innovative facility features the first video guidance system in Basilicata: it effortlessly directs the user to the first free seat inside. The VMS panels direct the driver to the first free parking space, avoiding unnecessary traffic and saving time, emissions, and fuel. The system allows the evaluation of the occupancy of the area thanks to the latest generation Quercus smart sensors that read the status of 3 stalls on the right and 3 stalls on the left of each sensor.

Throughout the parking area there are several APS (automated payment stations) and a manual payment station (fee computer) as a backup to guarantee uncompromised efficiency of operations during monitoring hours.

Each entry station features a QR code reader set up for booking a parking space in the future. It also incentivizes conversion of the occasional tickets into passes, offering multiple entries and exits in the prepaid timeframe, offering additional convenience to users.


The overarching JMS management platform enables parking staff to oversee operations from a centralized service point, streamlining assistance and readiness to scale or integrate with third-party platforms whenever this might be required. The long-term plans include leveraging the collected data for dynamic pricing strategies, enhancing services further in the future.

All users can rely on night access to the facility through a pedestrian access reader, extending usability into late hours. The scalable and future-proof system is primed for further integration and expansion, ensuring adaptability to evolving needs and technological advancements over time.

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