Park & Ride Thionville-Metzange by HUB Parking Technology

Park & Ride Thionville-Metzange

Problem Statement

The northern region of Moselle, close to the border between France and Luxembourg, is highly trafficked by business travelers in both directions. Both private vehicles and public transport are responsible for the congestion of this strategic route, which has created concerns related to the quality of life in the region, the safety and ease of travel of border workers, and ultimately the status of the infrastructures over time.

To ease the traffic off the French portion of A31 direction “Luxembourg” a temporary park-and-ride facility has been arranged on the premises of the Kinépolis movie theater in Thionville, close to the 300 and 301 bus lines stations. The situation became critical: its 468 parking spaces proved not sufficient, nor has the addition of 150 bays. With the site being fully booked as early as 6:40 am (40 minutes earlier than usual) users were plunged into great distress. To accommodate all vehicles, an efficient and larger solution became mandatory.


In a region suffocated by road travel, the need for additional infrastructure and for smarter integration with public transport have both become obvious.

The ideal location for the new park-and-ride facility was identified in 2019: it would be laid out on two terraces, separated by embankments to take into account the natural relief of the site. In order to cater for all vehicles (cars, motorbikes, and bicycles) while ensuring the utmost safety for all users, the access to the parking lot and to the bicycle parking area would be very clearly marked with signs and dedicated access routes.

The entire site would also need user-friendly technology enabling users to manage their subscription to the local transport card Simplicité. The combination of JMS, transport card integration, and LPR technology makes Thionville Parking-Relais a truly intermodal solution.

                        HUB Jupiter systems play a crucial role in making the access to both parking terraces, easy and frictionless.          The combination of JMS, transport card integration, and LPR technology makes Thionville Parking-Relais a truly intermodal solution.

Client Requirements

  • Efficient access via dedicated lanes for cars, motorbikes, and bicycles
  • Straightforward guidance to free parking spaces via VMS signs
  • Smooth integration with public transport card Simplicité, through dedicated JMS External services
  • Quick access to safe parking for bicycles “local vélos” equipped with subscriber card reader devices
  • Prompt assistance via intercom
  • 24/7 access thanks to card integration and LPR technology
  • JMS virtualized on the server of the Commune d’agglomération du Luxembourg
  • 24/7 remote parking management and assistance by Linkview


The first step to ease the traffic off this strategic route, was to choose the most convenient location for the new Park & Ride (or parking-relais, P+R).

Immediately after, the local administration identified the ideal technology partners for the vehicles access and parking management. HUB France has teamed up with LinkView to offer a turnkey solution include facility remote management via LinkView control room, that would encompass efficient identifier technology to let vehicles in/out, robust hardware to resist any environmental conditions, and a cutting-edge management system for both vehicles and bicycles access.

HUB Jupiter systems play a crucial role in making the access to both parking terraces, easy and frictionless. While this is an advantage that any driver on earth would like to find, it is even more impactful on a intermodal transportation site: navigating the way to the right lane, car park zone, nested area, and ultimately up to the free space must be as straightforward and quick as possible.

Less driving and less idling time required in search of parking also have a positive impact on the environmental footprint of the site. Similarly, users with a bicycle benefit from a safe, dedicated route to access their own parking space, the “local vélos” equipped with access reader that unlocks the entrance through a double recognition: the bicycle wheel is inserted in a dedicated roll bar and the transport card is read by a compact reader device, at eye level.

With the same bus subscription card, users with a bicycle can access a locked parking for their rides, and drivers can park their car on either of the terraces – for both categories, free of charge.

This frictionless user journey is completed with the possibility to manage the subscription renewal from Jupiter pay stations, as well as LPR identification and access management.

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