UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital by HUB Parking Technology

UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital


UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital is located at the heart of Rome.

To honor its international ownership, all services comply with a bilingual policy (Italian and English) and so does the parking system. Patients are in fact guided by bilingual signage all along their arrival and stay, in a straightforward and user-friendly way.

In an environment where people are naturally under a great amount of stress, every possible measure should be taken to reduce it, before patients and family even get to the gated entrance – starting with the ease and accessibility of its parking system.

Considering the number of patients and visitors served, Salvator Mundi needed a technologically advanced parking solution that provided quick and efficient ingress and egress, easy-to-use validation, and a system that delivered both exemplary customer service and advanced reporting capabilities.


UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital is a private hospital in Rome with 70 years of history, now part of the UPMC group (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) a non-profit global healthcare company among the largest in the United States.

The hospital offers 82 beds, highly specialized surgical and diagnostic equipment, 6 operating rooms, a postoperative Intensive Care Unit and a wide array of specialty medical departments and services.

The expectations of its diverse users’ base are indeed very huge: the best in medical technology from both sides of the Atlantic, easy to access!

Through their gated parking facilities, Salvator Mundi staff process over 300 parking transactions per day (with cash, credit card, and NFC contactless as payment methods) and distribute approx. a hundred validations daily.

UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital

Client requirements

  • Speedy entrance and exit via LPR camera-based technology by Selea
  • Compact and robust units (outdoor) paired with user-friendly pay stations (indoor)
  • Intuitive, state-of-the-art management system to create comprehensive analytical reports
  • Flexible reporting for quick viewing of critical performance indicators
  • Integration with video surveillance system, for staff and patients’ maximum security
  • Integration with AZURE ACTIVE DIRECTORY via LDAP protocol for centralized management of user profiling in terms of credentials and authorizations
  • Dematerialized validator with J4M solution
  • NFC contactless payment at exit, to minimize physical interaction with the units
  • 24/7 drivers’ assistance via touchless intercom


The facility offers patients the latest technology and a very high level of security, both in terms of medical and vehicular access. The clinic’s parking lot is 100% Jupiter equipped, with robust slim stations and JMS software to govern access flows.

Staff access is managed via license plate reading technology. The license plates of their vehicles are entered in a list of authorized persons per time slot according to the work shift performed. LPR cameras recognize and let in and out only the authorized vehicles accordingly.

Patient access is regulated by a mixed system, i.e. traditional for visitors and fully validated/discounted for those who use special and recurring healthcare services.

Speedy entrance and exit via LPR camera-based technology by Selea

This category of patients can get the full discount of the parking fee thanks to a dematerialized validator: J4M Janus for Merchant, the digital HUB solution that allows to discount the fare of a ticket simply by using a smartphone.

The same system is applied to the viability of vendors outside the facility, who enter with tickets, park, and obtain validation from staff before exiting.

To ensure maximum security for staff and patients, Bettini cctv video surveillance system of the parking area is integrated with JMS, so that staff responsible for maintaining the facility can monitor both the occupancy status of the area, transits, and events related to the parking system, as well as any alarm situations.

To minimize physical interactions with peripherals, the automated checkout and exit stations offer NFC contactless payment, along with the integrated Commend intercom for 24/7 assistance when needed.

For patients and clinic staff, the internal road system is impeccable, living up to the facility’s 70-year history. A great job by the HUB Italia team!

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