HUB’s Newest Case Study: Transforming Urban Mobility at the Marina Porto Antico in Genoa

Marina Porto Antico in Genoa

Problem Statement

The Marina Porto Antico complex is strategically located adjacent to the historic center of Genoa and well connected to the main arteries of road and highway traffic.

The area includes 3 buildings plus 2 car parks, one private and one open to the public, totalling 600 spaces, and more than 10,000 square meters of plazas along the promenade for citizens and tourists moving from the Aquarium and Old Port areas to the Sea Museum and cruise terminal.
The two main user groups of the Calata Salumi parking lot are in fact casual visitors (or tourists) and residents (or boaters with a berth). In 2023, the Marina’s ownership decided to modernize the facility with a more compact and reliable system to better serve the two categories of users by integrating their access modes into a digital management platform.


The city of Genoa, with its glorious past as a Maritime Republic, stands out as one of the most desirable tourist destinations in northern Italy thanks to ideal year-round weather conditions and a modern cultural offering.

The Marina Porto Antico marina is in the beating heart of the Port of Genoa and consists of 270 berths. The proximity of the subway station and public transportation stops make the berths the ideal starting point for anyone wishing to visit the city by reaching it by boat, and vice versa: those visiting the Port from the historic center can park in the high-turnover spaces of the Calata Salumi facility, with the option to pay the discounted rate thanks to agreements with more than 100 hotels and B&Bs in the city.

Porto Antico Marina, Genoa

Client Requirements

  • On-time technical assistance
  • Regulated and automated access to pre-mooring parking services
  • Dedicated access for authorized vehicles and subscribers
  • Assistance to drivers via intercom during manned hours
  • Contactless payments via credit card and NFC
  • Advanced facility performance monitoring and reporting capabilities with parking management system JMS
  • Discounts and vouchers for participating hotels, with the J4M Merchant solution
  • Integration of security cameras into JMS
  • Inbound and outbound LPR license plate reading technology


HUB Italia identified the most suitable configuration for managing tourist and resident traffic for the Calata Salumi facility: a modular Jupiter solution that integrates both LPR entrance and exit license plate reading and dedicated access control for subscribers with a reliable and compact UHF transponder system. The facility consists of two entry lanes and one exit lane and three L-shaped areas arranged on two floors, one of which provides charging for electric vehicles. The 225 parking spaces are divided into a large, short-stay area for visitors and two subscriber areas, for owners of boats moored in the marina and for residents.

The two entrance lanes are clearly separated to direct traffic to the dedicated areas. Both are equipped with a compact Jupiter station, a Magnetic barrier and a Selea LPR camera, which reads incoming license plates and communicates with the JMS digital management system. For visitors (casual users), the process is quick and easy: you pick up your ticket at the entrance and pay at the APS automated pay station, which accepts cash and contactless digital payments. On the APS display, one simplytypes in one’s license plate to check the time of entry and the photo taken by the LPR camera at the entrance: the fare is thus calculated accurately, no risk of paying the fullfare if the ticket is lost.

For subscribers (residents and boaters), the process is equally straightforward: the entry lane is indicated with an information board, and access through the barrier is immediate by reading the vehicle-mounted UHF transponder. The LPR camera still records the entry license plate as an additional security measure, and both access media are communicated to the JMS software. Once in, the authorized vehicle reaches the nested area dedicated to subscribers and accesses with the same transponder antenna. On exit, it is always the transponder that recognizes the vehicle and opens the gate.

With the integration of LPR technology and the UHF antenna system into the JMS management platform, the facility staff is able to monitor the performance and occupancy status of all areas, intervene promptly when needed, and derive customized and timely reports. The facility is now capable of dealing with steady flows as well as traffic peaks while maintaining optimum operational efficiency and providing users with a superior level of service.

Dr. Massimiliano Barbagelata, Marina Porto Antico SRL shared:« HUB Italy supported us in the development of our Marina facility by suggesting a high-tech digital solution that fully satisfies our clientele. Indeed, both casual visitors, tourists, and our subscribers are satisfied with the direct and facilitated experience of accessing the facility. Accessing the marina has never been easier!»

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