Connected City Parking

Connected City Parking

Today’s cities are increasingly focusing on being smart; to integrate and interconnect multiple information -and communication systems in order to create a more sustainable environment and to improve the quality of life for all.

Parking is an important element of a smart city as it encompasses many processes related to mobility, security and economics. IP Parking addresses the need for becoming smart by integrating and interconnecting on-street parking, off-street parking, central control room applications and customer loyalty programs.

Parking is more than just temporarily leaving a vehicle in a certain location. Parking is an important part in many processes and many user groups are involved. Whether it is the municipality, enforcement, local companies or consumers, parking is an important part of everyday life, especially within the center of a city. IP Parking as a supplier of solutions for parking has provided a multitude of solutions to the Dutch city of Helmond which are all integrated and/or interconnected.

Off-street: Parking Access & Revenue Control Systems

Most of the municipal parking facilities plus a major hospital located in and around the city center have been equipped with equipment and software from IP Parking. Additionally the hospital have been equipped with Controlbase, IP Parking’s control room application integrating parking, intercom and video into one central system. The control room monitors all parking related movements but on top of that are they able to do the same within the building. IP Parking has installed doorreaders on virtually all doors throughout the facility so that also access control is integrated into the control room application.

Elkerliek Hospital Introduction

Control Base at Elkerliek Hospital

On-street: Pay & Display machines & City Pass parking

For parking one’s car on the street is it possible to use either pay and display machines supplied by IP Parking or to subscribe to a digital parking platform called “Stadsparkeren” (Cityparking, see Throughout the city a network of subscriber readers are installed, both stand alone as well as integrated in the Pay and Display machines. A city pass can be used to start and stop a parking transaction. Alternatively, a parking transaction can be started and stopped using a mobile phone or app.

On-off street connect

On– and offstreet parking has been integrated using IP Parking’s on-off street connect. All off-street facilites have been equipped with LPR camera’s allowing a Stadsparkeren/Cityparking subscriber to use their subscription to enter an off street facility based on their license plate. The parking facilities without an IP Parking installation have been equipped with an LPR camera overlay system still allowing access to Stadsparkeren/Cityparking subscribers. External pay by phone platforms such as Parkmobile can also allow their subscribers to enter and exit all these facilities based on their license plate.

Next to allowing one to park in an off-street facility with an on-street subscription does this also provide the possibility to setup specific marketing activities:

For a Stadsparkeren/Cityparking subscriber, parking in the city of Helmond has many benefits, for example:

  • Lower rate for subscribers in municipal parking facilities
  • After shop opening hours a subscriber can park the entire night for the price of one hour
  • 20% discount at the Elkerliek hospital
  • Subscription can be used not only in the city of Helmond but in 130 municipalities all over the Netherlands
  • A subscriber gets a personal webpage where all parking transactions are listed and and where personal information can be easily changed.
  • Etc. see for more information (only available in Dutch)

GePast Parkeren: Merchants

GePast Parkeren: City parking

VIPZO: a new approach to customer loyalty

IP Parking recently introduced VIPZO, an online, parking based customer loyalty system which increases the attractiveness of city centers or shopping districts. VIPZO brings consumers and entrepreneurs closer together in an online loyalty system. With VIPZO, a shop owner has the possibility to communicate specific offers and/or messages to (potential) customers through a network of narrowcasting screens in the municipal parking facilities drawing the consumer to them. The consumer on its turn can save up points which can be exchanged for a variety of gifts or parking credit. See for more information (only available in Dutch)

About IP ParkingIP Parking

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